Dive into the flourishing world of disc golf in the valley and explore the top disc golf courses that make Phoenix a must-visit for enthusiasts.

In recent years, disc golf has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, captivating enthusiasts with its blend of athleticism, strategy and camaraderie. According to UDisc, the premier app for disc golfers, a remarkable 1.2 million disc golfers took to the green in 2022, contributing to a total of 19 million rounds – a 10% increase over 2021’s figures. Notably, 78% of players surveyed report that a friend or family member introduced them to the sport. In contrast to traditional golf, 90% of the 9,465 disc golf courses in the U.S. remain accessible to players free of charge.

In Phoenix, this surge is not merely a statistic but a spirited reality. The perfect blend of diverse landscapes, year-round sunny weather and a thriving disc golf community makes Phoenix an ideal place for players of all skill levels. Numerous clubs, tournaments and events provide a welcoming environment for both seasoned players and newcomers. Let’s delve into the flourishing world of disc golf in the Valley and explore the top disc golf courses that make Phoenix a must-visit for enthusiasts.

Top Disc Golf Courses in Phoenix

1. Fountain Hills

Nested in the heart of Fountain Hills is a course that offers a breathtaking backdrop with its iconic fountain and stunning views of the McDowell Mountains. Known for its well-maintained fairways, this 20-hole course has been featured on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and Pro Disc Golf Association tour. Six challenging, yet unique layouts allow for diverse experiences and replayability, making this course a favorite among locals and visitors.

2. Conocido Park

Recommended as a perfect beginner course by North Phoenix locals, this nine-hole course can be played as 18 holes, with 18 different tees but sharing nine baskets. Located in a peaceful neighborhood at 15645 N. 31st Ave, the grassy fields brimming with trees provide shade during warmer months and create obstacles that shake up gameplay.

3. Buffalo Ridge Park

Situated in Glendale, Buffalo Ridge Park has a distinct desert landscape offering several elevation changes as holes 7 – 14 work their way back and forth up the mountain. Two holes per tee make up a total of 28 and present an array of short and long-range distance shots. Regarded as a challenging course, summer play at Buffalo Ridge Park means bringing water is crucial.

The rise of disc golf in Phoenix is not just a trend – it’s a testament to the strength of the community and the allure of the courses. Unique parks carved into Arizona’s wild beauty calls for players of every caliber, making Phoenix a haven for the sport.