Essaouira is a blue and white port city, overlooking the Atlantic coast of Morocco, it’s a must visit while travelling in Morocco.

The city of the wind , humid and always fresh, constant at any time of the day. The Medina is protected by an eighteenth-century fortification overlooking the sea, designed by European engineers. Still present are the old brass cannons that surround the walls, from which you can see the ocean. The town’s crescent beach is ideal for surfing.

Starting from Marrakech the landscape slowly changes, from pink buildings to pre-desert landscapes, from argan plantations to the white and blue houses of the city.

Along the way you will find trees with poor climbing goats and lines of people to take pictures. Goats do not purposely climb that high, but are placed there to attract tourists. If we stop stopping to pay them to take the picture, they will stop keeping them there. Let’s do this favor to the goats.

Cooperative for the processing of argan

On the way to Essaouira we stopped at a cooperative where a group of women is involved in the processing of argan .

An assistant, while some women are cleaning the argan, explains the wonders of the oil from an aesthetic point of view and the lesser known uses in the culinary field. The fruits are first peeled, then reduced to a pulp and finally in an oily concentrated extract.

Argan originates in the Souss region, between the provinces of Essaouira, Taroudant and Tiznit, on the border with Western Sahara.

If you want to buy good quality argan oil in Morocco, this is the place. Often in the markets it is not argan oil, or it is not pure.

The Medina of Essaouira

This fortified port city is characterized by white walls and doors and windows as blue as the sky, the small artisan shops in the souk make it lively and colorful.

To stop for a good mint tea in a spectacular place with a roof terrace, we recommend Salut Maroc! , a beautiful and colorful venue with a spectacular view.

Inside the Medina are the remains of the Mogador , the Portuguese fortress of the 1500s which was partially dismantled to make way for a terrace for cannons. The city was made up of three separate neighborhoods, the Kasbah , the Medina, crossed by two main axial streets and the Mellah, the Jewish quarter.

Many narrow streets intertwine and form the grid of the citadel, compared to the Medina of Marrakech it is much easier to get around without losing the sense of orientation. In fact, here you can take a relaxing walk among colorful shops. In the souk you can find carpets, leather, spices and straw bags which, with their colors, create the classic Moroccan rainbow.

On our way to the port we passed through a food market, the smell is really strong, but we are always fascinated by these slices of daily life. Visit it during the 3 days tour from Fes to Marrakech from now!

The Port of Essaouira

Place Moulay Hassan is a large pedestrian square directly overlooking the ocean, full of people at all hours of the day and evening.

Once you have crossed the square you will find the charming port, immediately after the tower overrun by seagulls.

Here you can watch fishermen pick up their nets and traditional blue wooden  fishing boats moored floating on the water. Attention fishermen do not like to be photographed, avoid or ask first to avoid unpleasant discussions.

Over the port loom the  Castelo Real de Mogador and the bastion that surrounds the city and protects it from attacks by sea Sqala du Port . Here you can go up to take beautiful photos from above.

The beach

Essaouira is a city directly overlooking the sea and its beach begins at the gates of the city.

The ocean did not seem very inviting to me, at least for swimming, the sea is not very blue. The water is cold and the beach is more recommended for those who love walking than for sunbathing.

From the beach of Essaouira starts a walk that reaches the ruins of Borj el-Berod, an ancient fortress partially buried by the sand. On the beach you can walk, sunbathe, you will see dromedaries and horses strolling on the sand.

The beach is very large, ideal for surfing and walking and with a stunning view of the island of Magador.

The Cats of Essaouira

If you are a cat lover, Essaouira is your city. There are many and unlike Marrakech they are also beautiful, healthy and chubby.

They wander undisturbed through the souk, sleep placidly on carpets and signs, give an extra note of color and cheerfulness to this city. We would have brought them all home, they were very sweet.