A lightsaber retailer, DynamicSabers, continues to push the limits of lightsaber design by creating extraordinarily realistic lightsabers. The company sells high-end lightsabers on its website to collectors, cosplayers, and much more. DynamicSabers has a great appeal to fans of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise who are looking to get into both lightsaber collecting and lightsaber dueling. The company’s products aim to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, boasting durable materials that make dueling possible.

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What makes the lightsabers of DynamicSabers so realistic are the materials and technology used in their creation. The company’s lightsabers utilize hilts made out of aluminum alloy; an extremely sturdy material that makes the sabers feel realistic. DynamicSabers also uses blades made out of polycarbonate in their lightsabers, a material that allows the sabers to be used in dueling. Also, the company has incorporated a “weathering” process in some of their lightsaber hilts, which is a technique aimed at altering their aesthetic. This technique results in an aged and rugged appearance, adding to the realistic look and feel of these lightsabers. Two examples can be seen in the company’s Boone Kestis (pictured) and Luke Weathered lightsabers.

Technology wise, the lightsabers of DynamicSabers use various electronic cores to produce visual and sound effects. Its most basic core, RGB baselit, utilizes a light built into the hilt to illuminate the blade. The company’s RGB baselit lightsabers come with all sorts of realistic effects to make the collecting and dueling experience enjoyable. Its more advanced neopixel cores, however, are the most realistic types of lightsaber electronics that you can get into. The neopixel cores, which includes both a standard neopixel core and a proffie neopixel core, utilize LED strips inside the blade itself to illuminate it, producing even lighting that is as realistic as in the movies. Each of these LEDs can also be controlled, resulting in a nearly infinite number of special effects. This advanced technology has allowed DynamicSabers to heighten the lightsaber experience, bringing the ultimate product to fans of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

As time goes by, DynamicSabers continues to advance in the realm of lightsaber design, constantly pushing the limits of just how realistic they can get. Those looking to learn more and browse their products can do so at https://dynamicsabers.com/.