Is your body a little bit rounder, plumper, and less muscular than you would want it to be? Do you find it easier to add weight than lose a few pounds? If yes is anything close to the answer to these questions, you might be an endomorph.

Like most other endomorphs out there, you might be struggling to achieve that thin, muscular, and toned-up body that most people generally find attractive.

But do not lose your self-esteem just yet! The fact that you have decided to embark on your fitness and weight loss journey is a huge milestone.

Of course, you will encounter several challenges along the way but these can be overcome if you stay keen on your diet and maintain a consistent workout routine.

Read on for some diet and training tips that can help transform your body as an endomorph.

Who Is an Endomorph?

First thing first, an endomorph is simply someone with less muscle mass compared to their body fat percentage. These people usually find it easy to gain weight, even without eating much.

Their metabolism is slower than that of other body types like ectomorphs and mesomorphs, so they don’t burn calories as fast.

Excess calories are usually stored in the form of fats in the body, which explains why endomorphs pack weight faster. Since fats are usually one of the last sources of fuel for the body, this also explains why endomorphs have to fight harder to lose weight.

Endomorph Diet Tips

As an endomorph trying to lose weight, one of the first key aspects you may want to look at is your diet. As you can see from Cellucor’s endomorph diet plan sample, the main idea is to consume healthy nutrient-rich foods that won’t leave your body storing excess calories as fat.

Below are some diet tips you want to stick to while on a body transformation journey.

1. Eat more protein

If you have the endomorph body type, you may find it harder to gain muscle mass. This is because the excess fat in your body could increase your body’s level of the hormone estrogen, which, in turn, may cause the decline of muscle-growth-promoting hormones like testosterone.

Regularly consuming a protein-rich diet can help boost muscle mass, repair, and weight loss. Some healthy sources of protein include eggs, fatty fish, nuts, and poultry.

2. Scale back on the carbs

Do you have a craving for carbs and sugars? While carbohydrates are an essential nutrient to the body’s functioning, eating too many carbs can hinder your fitness and weight loss progress as an endomorph.

Try to keep your carb intake and when eating carbs, focus on nutrient-dense sources that keep you satiated, including sweet potatoes, oats, and nuts.

3. Eat frequent meals and stay hydrated

Did you know that skipping meals can make you add weight? The same applies to consuming large portions in a single sitting. Instead, endomorphs are advised to take smaller meal portions more frequently when on a weight loss journey.

If you can, make sure to time some of your meals around your workouts. And don’t forget to take at least 6-10 glasses of water each day. It will help you lose weight, build muscle, and keep fit.

Endomorph Training Tips

As earlier mentioned, keeping fit as an endomorph demands burning more calories than you’re taking in. This means hitting the gym between 3 and 5 times a week, with a good dose of cardio, HIIT, and strength training.

As you embrace the treadmill, fall in love with the elliptical, and lift weights, don’t forget to have a consistent workout routine and focus more on the areas you’d want to lose weight or gain muscle the most. In a nutshell, though, you will want to:

Engage in strength-training exercises at least thrice a week

• Add HIIT to your cardio

• Mix weight training with bodyweight training (pushups, deadlifts, squats, hip hinges)

• Have a consistent workout routine

Regardless of how out of shape you look or feel, it is possible to transform your body with the right diet and training routine. If you’re an endomorph, the above few tips can help you achieve the body structure and shape you desire.