Needless to say, there are tons of streaming platforms out there for consumers to watch an endless amount of content nowadays. Gone are the days of tuning into cable TV at a certain time and sneaking out to grab a drink in between ad breaks.

Moreover, the days of simply choosing between Netflix and Amazon are gone – since there is now a multitude of streaming options and addressable media to choose from.

If you’re struggling to choose which paid streaming service is for you, we’ve ranked each of the top platforms in this guide.


Netflix is the top dog, the originator, and the most prominent streaming platform that has been in the game since the beginning. Netflix started as an online DVD rental company and launched its streaming platform in 2007 – the first of its kind. Originally charging a subscription fee for users to access third-party content, their first Netflix original was released in 2013. From there, Netflix became a strong competitor in the entertainment industry.

Netflix might no longer own rights to older blockbuster names like Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel, but it has an abundance of its own original content and does have the rights to making original content and spin-offs for names like Jurassic World. While some of their films never quite live up to Hollywood standards, their original series are some of the best television has ever seen – take Stranger Things and Squid Game for example.

Netflix releases new content every single day and has an almost infinite library of third party and original content that could leave you bingeing forever. We’re confident in saying that Netflix is still the best streaming platform available, as it stands.

Disney Plus

With good reason, Disney Plus is one of Netflix’s main rivals. Launched in late 2019, the streaming service now has close to 140 million subscribers. The great bulk of the Disney and Pixar film libraries, every Star Wars movie, every Marvel motion picture and TV show, and brand-new original TV shows are all exclusively available for streaming. The Mandalorian was its first successful series, but since then, WandaVision and the rest of the Marvel roster have attracted millions of viewers.

There is a much longer wait for the release of each Disney original series than there is with Netflix,  and episodes for original series tend to be released weekly – which isn’t favoured by some consumers. There’s one thing for sure, and that is that Disney Plus is a strong competitor that is not far from dethroning Netflix.

Prime Video

One of the best bonuses of Amazon Prime Video is that a subscription comes with additional Amazon benefits, like next-day delivery for shopping. Prime is similar to Netflix in that it has original and third-party content, but its original library doesn’t have anything on Netflix.

However, Prime Video has the upper hand with its sports coverage – streaming The Premier League,US Open Tennis, and NFL games, to name a few.

Other great platforms that deserve a mention

YouTube – Although it is free (for now), content creators can require a subscription or payment for exclusive content.

Apple TV+ – Home to a variety of original content and all-time favourites. Especially convenient for those with an Apple TV plug-in.

Paramount+ – Full of classic movies and brand new tv shows.