Thinking about getting a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to fill a bald spot or a hairline? For men who are tired of temporary hair loss solutions that leave them feeling less confident in the end, try Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas. Here is a heads up about everything that one needs to know about this procedure before booking the first appointment.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is Permanent

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is a permanent solution to hair loss. After the procedure, there is no required application of daily creams or maintenance follow-ups to keep every month.

Remember that this procedure is much like microblading for eyebrows. And Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas creates an illusion of fuller hair. This procedure uses a method of implanting pigments that differ much from microblading although still under the category of micropigmentation.

Microblading is done with a manual blade as opposed to Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas that is usually done with an electric tattoo device. This may be because it needs more power to penetrate the scalp than it is the skin under the eyebrows as the scalp is thicker.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas Does Not Hurt

Commonly, clients of Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas report that it is not painful although it can be a bit uncomfortable in certain instances. Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is less painful compared to a traditional tattoo. This may be attributed to the needle used to place pigments onto the skin; they are extremely fine and small. After Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas, clients do not feel any lingering pain or discomfort.

Each session can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to get done. Choose a Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas artist that will be especially gentle and one who is willing to provide breaks as needed.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is Not a “Tattoo”

There are different terms used to sometimes describe the Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas. It may be referred to as a scalp tattoo or a hairline tattoo, although this is not necessarily a true tattoo.

It should be noted that the pigments used for Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas are cosmetic and, the process falls under the category of permanent cosmetic types. Often, these pigments used by scalp micropigmentation artists do not have additives or additional colorants. They will not change color over time although they may lighten.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas artists do not use the common tattoo machine to apply the pigments. There is a specific machine designed to do scalp micropigmentation. The needles are quite specific in that it only applies one micro-dot of pigment at a time and at a depth that is exactly right into the skin.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas has 100% Effectiveness

It is guaranteed that scalp micropigmentation Las Vegas will work on all its clients, unlike other temporary hair loss options.

This can be a huge relief when considering how topical medications, pills, and foams work only for about 5 to 10% of daily users. Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is again a cosmetic treatment (not actual tattooing) and will offer relief for anyone battling hair loss to create a short buzz-cut look.

Clients can Choose Their Hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation

It is rather normal for clients to be anxious about how they will look after the Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas treatment completion. Scalp micropigmentation clinics may have before and after photos of previous clients they can benchmark on during consultations to get a grip of expected results.

The scalp micropigmentation practitioner will also discuss the hairline options that their clients have. Some Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas may even show how a client will look with specific hairline styles through computer simulations.

Clients then may choose to patch up a naturally flawed hairline or opt for more modern styles. In the first few sessions perhaps, the change in the hairline after scalp micropigmentation and other concerns that a client may have will be addressed. The artist and client can then adjust the style as they go on with the sessions until the decided hairline will take its shape.

Alcohol and Blood Thinners Should Be Avoided Before Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas Sessions

Alcohol and other NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin fall under the category of blood thinners. Taking these blood thinners will increase the chances of bleeding during the procedures. Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas clinics may also advise their clients to completely avoid drinking coffee, tea, and energy drinks right before appointments as these items have an immediate blood-thinning effect.

Hair Can Be Grown Out after Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas Treatment

As Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas simulates a closely shaved head look, maintaining it requires shaving of the natural hairs frequently. If for any reason clients choose to let the hair grow naturally again, they still can. The procedure does not affect natural hair growth in whatsoever way.

The scalp micropigmentation pigments are applied around existing hair follicles and not into them. This creates a fuller look where hair is absent. The Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas clinics may highly advise keeping hair short for a more dependable look but ultimately it will be the client’s decision.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas Procedures have Reasonable Prices

Depending on the edge of a Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas clinic, scalp micropigmentation may run between $2k to $4k. This cost compared to the cost of hair replacement surgeries or a lifetime of temporary solutions like wigs, foams, and creams, is rather reasonable.

Various Types of Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas Treatments

There are other options in a Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas clinic that clients can choose from depending on their preferences and conditions. Here are some of them:

Density Fixes

The firstest sign of balding apart from excessive hair fall can be the thinning of hair from numerous parts. It can be anywhere around the head and makes the scalp very visible making hair difficult to style. When this is the case, Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas practitioners can add density to the hair. They can adjust the pigments of different color shades identically to natural hair color to create an illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas is capable of fully restoring hair density. Density fixes even have two options: adding density to the crown area and adding density to thinning hair.

Scar Treatments

When a client has scar tissue on his or her scalp and is looking for a solution to cover it up, Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas may have techniques to help them. Scalp micropigmentation procedures can camouflage scars with pigments. This technique makes scars look even with the rest of the head and naturally conceals it. Hair transplant scars can also be hidden using this technique.

Choose a Scalp Micropigmentation Las Vegas that know how every client has different needs and varying preferences. Their practitioners should be able to explain these facts for clients to choose the perfect style or treatment for them and should have reasonable ideas and recommendations.