The red carpet’s most anticipated nail trends


By Kaitlyn Carl


When people think of the Grammys, two things come to mind: music and fashion risks. On top of the quirky and unique dresses that we can expect to see from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, we can also be on the lookout for one of the newest fashion accessories – nail art. 20 Lounge Nail Bar and Boutique, a hip Scottsdale beauty bar that is on the cutting edge of the latest nail trends, shares the Grammys most anticipated nail trends with us.


Historically, nail trends have always followed fashion trends, and the Grammys’ fashion trends will be no different. “In September, New York Fashion Week set the tone for nail trends, followed by the Golden Globes in early January, which continued to showcase what are bound to be the Grammys’ hottest trends,” said 20 Lounge marketing director, Erica Profitt. “Floral prints, neutral polish and white polish with rhinestones and embellishments will be the red carpet’s hottest nail trends this season” said Profitt.

20 Lounge Floral Nails

The floral print nail was first spotted at New York Fashion Week and then again at the Golden Globes, where the quirky Zooey Deschanel showed off an ornate daisy print nail. “As florals are already a signature of spring, they will be making a full appearance at the Grammys as a manicure trend,” said Profitt. “When choosing colors for your floral design, narrow it down to at most four colors to prevent the nails from looking cluttered. If a full hand of floral is too overwhelming, choose one nail as an accent floral nail and paint your remaining nails a solid color.”

20 Lounge Rhinestone Nails

Another go-to look this season is glitter’s glam 3D counterpart – rhinestones. During Fashion Week at Libertine, models rocked multicolor rhinestones on a neutral polish manicure. Because of the intensity of rhinestones, 20 Lounge recommends pairing them with a neutral polish for a more day-to-night look. “Try mixing up patterns from nail to nail,” says Profitt. “Glitter gradients and stripes were popular last season, so spice up this trend and try it out with rhinestones.”

20 Lounge White Moons

Drumroll please….the least expected nail trend of the Grammy’s: white polish. White polish was once associated with middle school-aged punk girls, but it is making a victorious comeback. If you are not ready to rock white polish, 20 Lounge says that another way to incorporate the white polish trend is to paint white moons at the base of your nail for a ‘half moon mani.’ The colorful half moon mani trend started seasons ago, but is now evolving. Say goodbye to the traditional french manicure, and add pizazz with this season’s half moon mani to get celeb-inspired Grammy nails.


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