The apocalypse is coming … and you can take on zombies in a tactical, live action experience. The creators of Fear Farm are putting your survival skills to the test by presenting Zombie Apocalypse Live and bringing the walking dead to life. Traveling to audiences across the country, this adrenaline boosting experience will return to Phoenix for two days only – April 26th & 27th


Phoenix’s Fear Farm has become infested with zombies!  Your mission: eliminate all the zombies that you encounter! Attendees will receive infrared laser-tag guns, as well as tactical training, to help ward off the undead as they journey through this live action apocalyptic experience.

Three ticket options allow fans to customize their experience at Zombie Apocalypse Live. The Recruit Mission is our base-level ticket that includes a military grade, infrared laser training weapon and a single ammo SmartMag. The Special Ops Mission upgrades zombie hunters to twice the amount of ammo and allows access to an extended mission area. Elite Special Ops maximizes the experience by providing unlimited ammo for the entire mission, plus complete access to all extended mission areas.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group’s award-winning set and costume designers, make-up artists and special effects technicians have produced a realistic, post-apocalyptic zombie hunting experience. Zombie Apocalypse Live is sure to get your blood pumping…do you have what it takes?

WHEN: The two-day event is scheduled from 7PM – 11PM on April 26th & 27th  

WHERE: Fear Farm Haunted House; 2209 N 99th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037


Recruit Mission: $24.99 *

Special Ops: $34.99 *

Elite Special Ops: $44.99 *                      

Tickets available for purchase at

* Does not include taxes and fees