Practicing social distancing is extremely important to keep everyone healthy. However, it can be an incredibly lonely time for some people. But it is possible to socialize while social distancing. Here are some ways you can socialize safely with your friends and family during the time of social distancing.


In the game cornhole, teammates stand on opposite sides, so it is a great activity to play six feet apart. Try to throw the most bean bags into the hole to win the game.

Playing catch with a frisbee

Live near a park, or have a backyard? Take a frisbee and toss it to each other from a safe distance. If you don’t have a frisbee, you can also try throwing a football back and forth (just don’t tackle!)


Playing paintball keeps your body moving as you run away from the opposing team, and it is also a way to have fun without getting close to anyone.

One-on-one volleyball or badminton

Stand on opposite sides of a net for a one-on-one game of volleyball. For even less contact, try badminton and use a racket to hit the birdie over the net.

Go for a bike ride or go fishing

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather with a friend by going for a bike ride together or head to a lake or river to do some fishing. You can do both activities with others while maintaining a safe distance.

See a drive-in movie

Park in front of the big screen for a movie night under the stars. For an even better experience, bring comfy blankets, popcorn and snacks to enjoy inside your car. The Drive-In at Schnepf Farms will feature some of your all-time favorite movies and classics. Enjoy the beautiful Arizona nights and make some wonderful memories. 

Set up a virtual dinner party or happy hour

Tools like Zoom or FaceTime make connecting with people who are far away so much easier. If you find yourself dining alone, invite a friend to chat!

Host online game nights

Technology has made it possible for people to play party games together from anywhere. Try HouseParty or Jackbox games and laugh with your long distance friends.

Take a hike

Many hiking trails around the Valley are still open. Keep your distance from your fellow hikers as you enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Yoga in the park

Find an open, grassy area near you and practice sunrise yoga in the park with a friend.