April 27, 2020

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Best garden irrigation devices and methods

Proper irrigation is essential for any garden, independently from types of plants you are growing. Due to a large variety of watering methods and systems, you can not only save your time or money but also become an eco-friendly garden owner. From this article by Bumpercroptimes.com, you will learn everything you should know to make the right choice for your beautiful garden.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart Irrigation Systems can work as part of your smart home and let you control the watering of all plants in the garden from your smartphone or tablet. It’s the perfect solution for garden enthusiasts who don’t have enough time for manual irrigation. Devices by Hydrawise, Orbit, BlueSpray, Netro, Rachio, and Green IQ come with apps for iOS and Android that generate comprehensive reports and let you control sprinklers and micro drop kits from anywhere in the world. You can adjust the full automation of apps, using the IFTTP app or the default automation app on your iPhone.

Water-Saving Systems

At Bumpercroptimes.com, we give preference to 2 systems that can reduce your water consumption. The first one is a raintrain traveling sprinkler. This device includes a water-powered mechanism that rotates the wheels and the sprinkler at the same time. Using a traveling sprinkler, you can control the amount of water you spend and avoid over-watering. In addition, you can stand still while the sprinkler is doing its job.

The second option is a micro drip irrigation kit. This system lets you lay a water hose by the side of each plant in the garden and water all plants simultaneously. The difference between a sprinkling system and a drip kit is that the second doesn’t pour water on leaves, which reduces the amount of excess light. If you live in a hot area, it’s better to keep leaves of most plants dry to avoid sunburns.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation is perhaps the most time-taking method, but it’s also the greenest one. If you really care about the environment, you can supply your garden with rainwater collectors. The simplest way to do so is to install wooden or plastic barrels under rain gutters of your house. When they get full, you can use a mobile water pump connected to a hose, traveling sprinkler, or a micro drip system to use this water. If such amounts of water don’t make a difference to your big garden, you can install an underground water tank with hidden drains around the garden. It’s an excellent way to save money on water supplies and avoid wasting clean water.

Your Garden Deserves the Best

Choose the irrigation that works the best for your schedule and garden size and feel the benefits of smaller water consumption. The pricing of each option doesn’t differ too much so that you can make a deliberate choice without overpaying. Bumbercroptimes.com recommends you to pick up the option that saves the largest amount of water. It’s the best way to save money and the environment at the same time.