Riders pay a great deal of attention to details while buying their bike, but when it comes to buying riding gear, they tend to overlook some important considerations. Factors like budget and vanity overpower the purpose of buying the gear, and they end up picking their gear without considering some essential safety needs.

To make sure that you buy gear that best serves your purpose, we have highlighted the most common mistakes riders commit while buying their riding gear. 

Common Mistake #1: Not knowing what to look for

In motocross racing, your gear needs to be optimized for you. A lot of gear on the market can restrict your movement and compromise your performance. So knowing what to look for while buying any piece of gear should be mandatory. For example, riding gloves need to be checked for grip, closing mechanism, range of finger movement, and protection.

So while buying any gear, the biggest mistake beginners commit is not doing proper research and simply buy anything that may have been recommended by a peer. Doing your own research helps you learn about the necessity of each gear and also allows you to make better decisions to maximize your overall riding performance.

Common Mistake #2: Compromising on helmet quality or fitting

Accidents on the race track can cause severe head injuries. Buying a high-quality well-fitted helmet should always be your priority.  A helmet cannot provide optimum protection against impacts unless it fits well.

The value of finding a helmet that fits snugly cannot be understated. While a loose helmet may compromise protection during falls or impacts, a tight helmet can induce severe headaches and increases the rider’s risk of severely biting their tongue or cheek upon crashing. A well-fitting helmet also needs to be of high quality so that it absorbs impacts without transferring it to the rider’s head.

Fortunately, manufacturers have spent years improving helmet quality and introducing sizes that can fit any head.

Common Mistake #3: Skipping buying riding boots

Not buying boots is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. Usually, beginners end up investing most of their money in purchasing expensive jerseys and other styling gear and often overlook the importance of good-quality riding boots.

Boots are an essential part of your safety gear for Motocross. Good-quality Motocross boots give you the necessary padding and sturdy support to withstand the inevitable sudden twists and impacts the track demands. Boots protect your feet from receiving severe injuries that could bench you on the sidetrack.

Common Mistake #4: Buying  ill-fitted gear

While on track, riders must channel all their focus on the trail; not on adjusting their gear. An ill-fitted gear can compromise biker’s attention and their performance on the track.

For instance, long pants, when tucked in boots, can cause intense pain while riding, whereas tight pants leave no room for knee pads. Similarly, if the jersey is too tight, the rider may not be able to wear the chest protector.

This highlights the importance of buying well-fitted riding gear as it offers comfort, mobility, and safety.

Common Mistake #5: Not going the extra mile for safety

Motocross biking is all about adventures and risks and so, additional protection is always required on the track. But, riders tend to cut corners on additional safety gear.

Some optional safety gear includes body armor consisting of an armored vest and a back protector, goggles for maximum eye protection and track visibility, and earplugs for hearing protection.

Additional gear is important to ensure that a rider stays safe throughout their ride.


Biking gear isn’t just a fancy accessory. A good quality, well-fitted biking gear provides a safe riding experience and maximizes track performance. Only rely on authentic MX gear while making any purchases and make sure you keep all these points in mind so you can freely unleash your daredevil riding spirit.