NextLinks, an industry leader in technology-driven golf entertainment, announced the opening of its latest golf gaming installation at The Revelry, Mesa, Arizona’s newest destination for entertainment, dining and nightlife. NextLinks at The Revelry showcases 14 individual 72’ X 16’ SmartGreen putting stations (Think: high-tech bowling lanes for golf) of engaging A.I.-software– and laser-light-powered putting games in a lively open-air setting destined to be one of the East Valley’s must-visit locations.

NextLinks CEO Dave Shultz calls The Revelry, situated in greater Phoenix’s energetic and trendy Riverview district, the perfect setting for NextLinks’ groundbreaking gaming platform, which includes competitive putting action guided by patented smart-laser technology for two to eight participants per station. The Revelry’s exhilarating dining and entertainment experiences for all ages opens along with the huge NextLinks gaming area Thursday, Oct. 22.

If last week’s capacity (yet, socially-distanced) crowds at the season-three opening NextLinks’ original Palm Springs location– the “Shots in the Night” attraction at Indian Wells Golf Resort— are any predictor of the success of NextLinks at the Revelry, expect fun seekers of all ages from opening to close. Shots in the Night is constructed on a natural-grass outdoor putting course at Indian Wells and attracts nighttime visitors alongside food trucks, music and a lighted driving range with glowing targets. NextLinks at The Revelry also takes advantage of cool desert nights with an open-air design.

“With bright colors, screens and DJ music, The Revelry excites you from the moment you step onto the grounds. This place hits you in your soul,” Shultz says. “With our Shots in the Night installation, we’ve proven we can consistently attract people of all ages and generate exciting revenue for Indian Wells. Here in Mesa, we’re taking things to the next level. I think this is where we’ll start to see our NextLinks putting games become their own sport, like bowling or laser tag. With the other entertainment, food and dining excitement at The Revelry, we’re taken a fun, accessible version of golf and creating what will become the ‘Next Generation Country Club.’ Anyone can putt and the games make it competitive and almost addictive.”

The Revelry’s location, less than one mile from the Chicago Cubs’ Spring Training facility and a short distance from the Arizona State University campus puts the entertainment mini-mecca in the heart of one of greater Phoenix’s most popular social destinations. Over time, the plan is for NextLinks’ partner, the That’s Eatertainment Corporation (TEC) to open more signature restaurants at The Revelry along with an upscale arcade and numerous dining options. Shultz thinks NextLinks will attract serious golfers as well as those who’ll like the unintimidating entry to golf through his fun-based putting games, like Golf Shuffleboard, Golf Darts and even some high-skilled putting challenges that will hook even the most advanced golfers. “NextLinks will always be about responsibly attracting the masses to golf through an easy, engaging entry point, but in addition to being a pipeline to grow the game, our playing stations are also built and can be programmed for serious tournament play. That’s going to be the next phase of how we use the expanded playing field. Some of these putts can be set up to be really challenging!”

The Revelry is now home to the first indoor/outdoor NextLinks installation with a 14 NextLinks SmartGreen putting greens situated “centerstage” in an atrium that connects the complex’s two main buildings. “We’ve designed the NextLinks SmartGreen gaming platform to control traffic on the greens for social distancing and optimized entertainment,” says Shultz. “In the evening, when there’s live music and people enjoying this unique entertainment space wisely and safely, expect and experience you’ll want to return to again and again.”

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