Visit OdySea Aquarium March 7-22 for Superheroes, an EPIC spring break event and save up to 20% off admission with an online advance ticket purchase!  Learn about the incredible superpowers of OdySea Aquarium’s diverse animals, meet amazing Superhero characters like Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman and complete a challenging scavenger hunt throughout the Aquarium to earn  OdySea Aquarium’s Ocean League (not to be confused with the Justice League) trading cards.  These limited-edition cards feature Mighty Mike, the American alligator; Razor, the sandbar shark; Shield, the loggerhead turtle; Squeeze, the giant Pacific octopus; and Waddles Worthington, the African Penguin.  All are drawn as surreal comic book characters and the cards are loaded with fun facts and the animals’ “superpowers” on the back– a real collector’s item!

“The Superheroes spring break event is not only innovative and educational, it’s action-packed,” said OdySea Aquarium’s Vice President and General Manager Greg Charbeneau, “Superheroes – and the novel way we compare our animals to legendary super heroes— is just one of the ways OdySea Aquarium continues to bring immersive worlds to life for our guests!”

Visitors to OdySea Aquarium will be surprised to learn the many striking similarities between ocean creatures and comic book counterparts.  Puffer fish, for example, share an affinity to The Hulk as both transform into something intimidating when angry or threatened – WHAM!  Green sea turtles are akin to Aquaman as they both can stay under water for hours before needing to surface for air—KABOOM!  Dead Pool and sea stars share the power of regeneration; sea stars can re-grow a limb while Dead Pool’s greatest strength is the ability to regenerate or heal himself (even after a mortal blow – POW!). HOLY FUN FACTS BATMAN – anecdotes like these will be posted throughout the exhibits listing the comparisons between OdySea Aquarium animals and the superheroes guests know and love.

“Superheroes are popular with all ages these days, so what better way to for kids to learn about the diverse animals at OdySea Aquarium than through their favorite superheroes,” said Jessica Peranteau, Director of Animal Care and Educations at OdySea Aquarium. “It’s education through entertainment – from the movie screen to the animal exhibit—our animal care team got ‘super creative’ in our efforts to compare the animals with their super-human counterparts!” 

And as Spiderman would attest, “with great power, comes great responsibility” – also true with Superheroes visitors! Guests can flex their “conservation muscles” to complete the Super Clues Scavenger Hunt and wipe out Professor Plastic, archenemy to all ocean creatures as he continuously pollutes the sea with plastic bags, straws and other trash that ultimately causes great harm. Participants follow clues throughout the Aquarium to squash the Professor (KAPOW!) and become members of The Ocean League…all in a day’s work!   

Superheroes runs from March 7 – 22. Kids can dress like a Superhero, select their Superhero name and pose for a Superhero photo. Purchase tickets online at the Aquarium’s website OdySea Aquarium is in the Arizona Boardwalk entertainment complex, part of the Talking Stick Entertainment District, and is located at 9500 E. Via de Ventura in Scottsdale.  Specific costume character superheroes rotate appearances daily. Check the OdySea Aquarium website for specific hero appearance dates and times.