Like most states in the U.S., the law does not make it particularly easy for those who want to play casino games to do so in Arizona. Of course, there are a few dozen casinos on Native American reservations which are no doubt well-appointed and valued by their customers. But with few located in the environs of our major urban centers like Phoenix and Tucson, they do lack something in convenience.

Equally, there is also the option of flying to Las Vegas, or even taking a road trip, for the ultimate experience in glitz and gambling glamour. But for someone just looking to play poker or baccarat casually, the lengths you need go to for this render it wholly impractical.


Our increasingly digital world

But the spread of the internet over the past few decades has led to an explosion in betting sites, hosting all manner of casino games in both traditional and innovative styles. The sheer variety of games available online nowadays dwarfs what a single casino can offer, meaning online casinos are fast becoming the preference of many who enjoy gambling responsibly.

Part of the reason that online casinos are attractive to would-be gamblers is that they can offer better deals than most land-based casinos. This stems from the fact that land-based casinos typically spend much more on infrastructure and staff than online casinos. Most of those costs are simply redundant with online casinos.

With lower overheads, online sites can spend more of their revenue on developing new games and offering players special deals and bonuses. Knowing what deals are on offer, a player can take advantage by opting for the best. Some sites are dedicated to compiling the best offers, and many would find the deals and bonuses available here helpful, as they give players the chance to use free spins or get bonus funds on deposits. The casinos featured are reputable online establishments such as Dunder or LeoVegas. Intense competition between online sites for customers helps to drive these deals towards ever-more generous extremes.

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The growth of this industry transcends the state

Gambling is big business in Arizona. In 2016, the tribal casinos alone raked in a combined income of $2.23 billion. Such high levels are partly due to the country’s booming economy, which has been re-writing economic records for many years now. That leaves plenty of disposable income in people’s pockets, which many enjoy spending on gambling games.

But online gambling is big business in the US as a whole too. The global industry is forecast to grow by almost 9% between 2019 and 2024, with growth in North America being the strongest-performing region. The future of gambling for Arizonans may well be found online, rather than the reservations or Las Vegas.

With online sites innovating and offering new deals all the time, that future is an exciting one for those Arizonans who enjoy gambling responsibly.