Victoria, the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton touring the world, is making her global debut at Arizona Science Center with a special exhibition that opens to the public on November 17. This world premiere exhibition will transport guests to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, bringing to life one of the most important discoveries in the history of paleontology and giving museum visitors the rare opportunity to visit the Cretaceous period where Victoria’s story will unfold in her natural habitat.

Victoria the T. rex was officially announced to the scientific community today as the second most complete T. rex skeleton on record. Initially unearthed outside Faith, South Dakota, in 2013, Victoria has undergone years of meticulous research and restoration in order to earn this claim. Victoria’s completeness and unique pathologies have provided paleontologists with a wealth of insights into the species that will be studied for years to come.

Embarking on a five-year tour across the world, this immersive exhibition produced by IMG was developed in partnership with a dedicated group of research collaborators and paleontologists. Victoria the Tyrannosaurus rex explores and builds upon the latest discoveries about the species – from their hunting and mating rituals to their sounds and appearance.

“This is one of the most significant paleontological discoveries in decades and to have the exhibit premiere at Arizona Science Center is a privilege for our organization, our members, and our community,” says Chevy Humphrey, The Hazel A. Hare president & CEO of Arizona Science Center. “The exhibition flawlessly combines science and storytelling while offering an unprecedented look into Victoria’s story and life 66 million years ago.”

The exhibition is open to visitors of all ages and explores every facet of Victoria’s life and death, including the unusual battle scars that may have led to her death, and her role as a mother. With Victoria’s striking, pristinely maintained skeleton as a focal feature, the exhibition uses stunning animations and immersive digital environments and merges them with the latest paleontological findings to create an educational, emotional experience unlike any other. Come face-to-face with an awe-inspiring dinosaur in the most engaging T. rex exhibition ever to tour the globe. This dramatically staged experience gives visitors an unprecedented look at the life and death of Victoria.

At the exhibition, visitors will:

• Meet Victoria: The centerpiece is Victoria’s real, 66-million-year old skeleton. Through state-of-the-art technologies visitors can take an in-depth look at Victoria’s unique features and pathologies

• Create Victoria: Visitors can create their very own personalized hologram of Victoria. Create a scientifically accurate version (or one that’s just for fun!) and watch her come to life on the big screen.

• Become Victoria: How did Victoria live? How did her sense of vision and smell compare to ours? What did she sound like? Through a series of interactive installations, visitors can get a sense of how Victoria experienced the world.

• Watch Victoria: Using 3D projection mapping technology, visitors will see Victoria in her natural environment in scenes that portray her as a mother, hunter and protector.

• Experience Victoria: Step into Victoria’s world, 66 million years ago. This breathtaking journey takes visitors back to the Cretaceous period as they watch Victoria’s story unfold in her natural habitat.

“The T. rex is the most iconic dinosaur known to man and the focal point of countless books, television shows, and films. The discovery of Victoria is truly remarkable and really changes our understanding of the species.” says John Norman, managing director, IMG Exhibitions. “Through Victoria the T. rex, we’re providing visitors with an in-depth look at the life of the Tyrannosaurus rex and expanding upon existing knowledge to create the most exciting, engaging, and holistic dinosaur exhibition to date.”

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