The Barbie Movie was released on July 21 and has taken social media by storm! Many are embracing the #barbiecore theme in their everyday lives through fashion, interior design, cocktails and more!  If you are looking to take it one step further, barbiecore is a great theme to choose for your wedding. The theme embodies a fun and magical experience that you, your partner, and your guests will love!

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Decorate Your Wedding Inspired by The Barbie Dream House

Pink, Pink, Pink! One of the main attributes of the brand is the use of pink. Brides and grooms can choose how they incorporate this shade into their wedding.

If your ceremony or reception is indoors, opt for beautiful pink drapery back lit with lights to make the colors stand out. This creates a great photo op area and adds to the overall theme.

If you are not interested in the monochromatic look, opt to include shades of black, white, or gray to break up the color palette for a more masculine feel. 

Looking to ride in style? Rent a pink convertible inspired by the movie.

Unleash Your Inner Style Icon

If you are looking to make a fashion statement during your wedding or the reception, there are two ways that you can have fun with the theme. 

Create a cohesive sense of style with your guest list. When sending out your themed invitations, include the required dress code to outline that guests should wear shades of pink. This will not only look great in photos, but will bring the families together as one through style.

Another great way to instill the theme in your wedding is to have the bridesmaids wear pink dresses or dresses with pink accents. The groomsmen can wear pink ties, handkerchiefs, collared shirts, or the entire suit! 

Dreamy Cake Delights 

Choosing the wedding cake can be a fun experience with your pastry chef of choice. From taste, colors, and decor you can find ways to sprinkle in a bit of fun.

A five-tiered cake filled with strawberry custard, wrapped with a strawberry creme coating, and embellished with pink flowers is a great way to bring tradition and color together to create your dream wedding cake.

If you do not want to have an all pink wedding cake, a great way to embrace the theme is to place a bride and groom barbie doll at the top of the cake instead of a traditional cake topper.

Sip Into Glamour with Barbie Inspired Cocktails

Create signature cocktails inspired by the movie by incorporating references to names, themes, and color!

A pink sparkly cocktail might do the trick, but do not forget to create a punny name to add to the bar experience. You may also consider the type of glass your drink is served in. This might include a martini glass, a sparkling cup, a pink wine glass, and more!

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding! Have fun with your barbiecore theme and personalize based on your own couple’s story.

Author: Deepika Bhalla is the owner of Chateau Luxe, a full-service, special event and conference center located in Phoenix. Visit for more information.