Track pants are like the popular kid on the block and emerging in the spotlight and their demand is ever increasing. With the rise in demand for athleisure, track pants though originally created for exercising is a top fashion trend now. It brings out the best in anyone starting from teenage boys to working men. Having just one is never enough when it comes to track pants for men.

Available in various sizes, colours and across brands, gym track pants for men have become the new wardrobe staple and you will never fall short of options. Tapered at the end, it is ideal for working out and gives the perfect combination of performance and style. Not to deny, with all of us locked down in our houses due to the global pandemic, we have all started to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and work out. Whether you’re trying to be fitter or fit, the first essential is a proper workout wardrobe. A good workout wardrobe does a lot more than just make you feel good; it is the finishing touch to a successful workout.

When you’re looking for something cool, comfortable and breathable, gym track pants are the best option. Whether you prefer solid colors or neon ones, there is an array of options available in the market. From minimalist to streetwear, track pants for men are the only fashion that can seamlessly fit into any category you want it to. You can either stick to the basic sweat style track pants or go for the luxe options available.

Style track pants up in countless ways of your own, or go basic with the full sleeve t-shirt and gym track pant combo, or take some inspiration from the ones below, and perfect that gym or workout selfie!

● The old school combo

The very old school gym track pant and V-neck T-shirt combo can never go wrong. Giving out casual and relaxed gymmer vibes, it will suit you irrespective of your personality. An incredibly comfortable fit, when carrying this look, you need to ensure that your t-shirt is a perfect fit and not a baggy fit, thereby giving you the clean aesthetic you always wanted.

● The old school with a twist

In this look, add a sweat jacket to the full sleeve t-shirt or sleeveless t-shirt and gym track pant combo to achieve a completely different look. The jacket adds a more athleisure vibe, bumping up the sporty appeal of the entire look. A stylish combo, it’s the most appropriate for someone who loves outdoors.

● The hoodie jogger

Even seen that one person in the park, who is always running in hoodie and gym track pants? That is one of the latest and of the most appropriate trends, keeping comfort in mind. A sweat hoodie is always a good option to jog in. Pair it with a basic track pant, and you’re good to go.

No matter what trend you choose, or what age you are in, Sporto’s wide range of tracks has something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Level up your workout game with a pair of gym track pants for men and shoes from Sporto!