Think of Minas Zistatsis as an artist with a needle and thread.

“I want you to look good,” Zistatsis says in the accent that lingers from his upbringing in Sopiki, Greece. “That’s my talent that I’ve developed over the years. I want to be sure I apply that talent to whoever gives me a chance.”

Since 1994, Zistatsis has been dressing the most dapper men in Phoenix. Out of Brothers Tailors & Clothing, which is located along Central Avenue near Camelback Road, Zistatsis has passionately created bespoke suits for everyone from chief executive officers to the Phoenix Suns broadcast team to high school students in need of a suit for prom.

“Our goal is to deliver custom-made suits, tuxedos, jackets and shirts that are perfect,” Zistatsis says. “We utilize the latest fabrics and the latest styles to hand-make garments to perfection. There is nothing else like that.”

Zistatsis was born near the Greek-Albanian border and started tailoring clothes with his brother when he was 16 years old. They started tailoring pants, then moved on to shirts, skirts, hats and then jackets. They would design clothes from both provided fabrics and their own fabrics. The brothers would work from 6 a.m. to midnight to make sure the hand-crafted clothing was always delivered on time.

“I am a tailor and I am a stylist as well,” Zistatsis says. “For people who are looking for the latest styles, I deliver that because I stay on top and ahead of current trends.”

While Zistatsis says he doesn’t allow himself or his styles to live in the past, he can create or reconstruct any garment that customers want.

“You show me any picture from the 1920s, 1930s, 1960s, 1970s and I can make you that garment,” Zistatsis says. “But I also look at the future into what the young people like and what the people who like to look young like and make sure I incorporate the latest styles and trends into our designs.”

But don’t think you have to break the bank to visit the master tailor.

“I make sure to buy the best designs and fabrics for a variety of price points,” Zistatsis says. “We are centrally located in the business district and I want to be sure most people who walk in can find something to buy. I don’t just cater to people with an open price point, I cater to everyone who wants to be well dressed, regardless of price point.”

So what does Zistatsis say every sharp-dressed man should have in his closet?

“The one item everyone should have is a nice charcoal gray suit,” Zistatsis says. “It’s a classic look, it’s timeless and it works for any occasion. If you need my help creating that suit, I will do all I can to deliver something that is excellent. That’s always the goal.”