Nail Art, Trends: Summer’s Most Smokin’ Accessory

Fashion | 27 Jun, 2012 |

With hands and feet on full display this season, don’t assume that flowing summer dresses and itsy-bitsy bikinis should top your list of trends to rock. Nail art has easily become one of summer’s must-have accessories, (not to mention the most convenient and affordable way to express your inner fashionista). Best of all, your options are endless; there are oodles of different nail art styles and colors. Try one, make a statement, and then swap it out for a new look.

Seeking guidance from an expert, we ventured into the fabulous world of pink at Fuchsia Spa and Nail Salon in Mesa. Managing partner Lisa Vukonich shared with us these early summer, nail art trends:

Rock star

Also known as the glitter nail, rock star has been an exceptionally popular choice. Applied with shellac paint, this look will help you uphold your diva designation by seamlessly taking you from day-to-night without dulling or chipping. This look is available in a vast array of colors.

“It’s like wearing diamonds on your hands and feet,” says Vukonich, who rocks this look herself.


Nail art

Does your favorite animal wear stripes or spots? Can’t decide? No matter — this option includes every animal in the kingdom. Whether it’s zebra stripes on your nails, (or just one or two), or sassy cheetah markings, there’s no better way to satisfy your inner beast.

“A lot of women don’t feel like they can wear animal print on their body; thus, they wear it on their nails,” Vukonich says.


“I think this look has become so popular because of the trendy ombre hairstyle we’ve seen so much of,” Vukonich says.Nail art

Ombre is the simplest way to spice up your average manicure. Starting with either your thumb or pinkie, your color of choice either fades or deepens depending on your personal preference.

The beauty of this trend is that you can select any color your heart desires. This might be the perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite pastel you’ve been too shy to wear on your body.

Nail art

Nude neutrals

If you’re hoping to achieve that prim, proper, subtle look, look no further. A nude nail is a popular selection, a trend that never entirely fades and is always appropriate and flattering.

“Think about your favorite pair of nude pumps, the way they elongate your legs,” Vukonich says. “Nude nails do the same for your fingers.”

Nail art

Patterns and prints

From funky hipster to retro throwback, there’s no limit to designs that decorate and highlight your nails. A pattern that seems to be popping up everywhere is chevron. This look is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer: Grab a roll of scotch tape and have at it.


Nail art

Can’t decide on a color? No problem! Lucky for you, one of summer’s trendiest nail looks is to wear a different color on every nail, (or just one or two). There’s no better option for the indecisive. Pure bliss — a trend with no rules!


Nail artIn the same vein as ombre, this look is also very similar to the hairstyle. However, instead of each nail gradually increasing or decreasing in color, the entire light-to-dark, or dark-to-light, effect is happening on each and every one of your nails.

“This is fun for those who want to try one of the summer trends at home. For example, paint all your nails orange. Once dry, apply a strip of orange and red to either the top or bottom of your nail. Next you’ll use a sponge to carefully blend the two colors together,” Vukonich says.

Lisa also says all women who have yet to make the switch to shellac paint should go ahead and take the plunge confidently; it’s well worth it.

“Shellac will not damage your real nail, and you can expect it to stay preserved and chip-free for 14 days,” Vukonich adds. “Keep in mind that no filing or drills should ever be used; the removal process should consist of an acetone foil pack. The paint will just glide right off the nail.”

With all this nail knowledge now embedded in your brain, you’ve become the go-to girl for stylish nail trends this summer. Why wait? Nail euphoria is figuratively, and literally, at your fingertips.

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