All The (Retro) Rage: Ruffles, neon, prints and retro — swimsuits are bolder and brighter than ever

Four trends are going to be huge this summer, and the biggest trend of the season really follows the out with the new and in with the old attitude …  wait … nope, that’s right; we’re going retro.

Ladies, grab a corseted or bandeau top paired with a high-wasted bottom and get your Marilyn Monroe on. Or, unleash your inner girlie-girl with ruffles; nothing says feminine and carefree more than sporting ruffles.

But maybe classic is more your style. If that’s the case, stick with the tried and true — the nautical trend. The blue/red and white stripes give you a crisp, clean appearance that is timeless.

And finally, don’t be afraid of color. Save those neutral hues for fall and winter, and make a statement with bold, neon suits. Plus, the brighter the color, the tanner you’ll look. And if you’re bold enough, opt for prints — floral or animal.

Trend: Print/Retro

Trend: Print/Cut Out

Spring Swimsuit Spring Swimsuits
Becca, Sweet Indulgence
Top: $72, Bottom: $60
Exquisite Swimwear
Luli Fama, Sexy Senorita
One piece cut out: $150
Everything But Water

Trend: Nautical

Spring Swimsuits Spring Swimsuits
Born with Stripes
Top: $119, Bottom: $110
Beach Bunny Swimwear
We Found Love
Top: $88, Bottom: $87
Beach Bunny Swimwear

Trend: Retro

Spring Swimsuits  Spring Swimsuits
Seafolly, Pinup (magenta)
Top: $80, Bottom: $72
Exquisite Swimwear
Kkini, Monroe Bathers Tank
Exquisite Swimwear

Trend: One Piece

Trend: Ruffles

 Spring Swimsuits Spring Swimsuits
Carmen Marc Valvo, Palm Harbour
One piece bandeau: $139
Everything But Water
Betsy Johnson, French Pastry
Top: $88, Bottom: $86
Everything But Water

Find these swimsuits at:

Beach Bunny Swimwear
15147 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
(480) 948-1112

Everything But Water
7014 E. Camelback Rd., #1112, Scottsdale
(480) 941-4623

Exquisite Swimwear
7000 E. Mayo Blvd., #16-1068, Phoenix
(480) 419-6344

Photos taken at the Hotel Valley Ho’s OH POOL:

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale
(480) 248-2000

Special thanks to Deborah Maddox Agency and make-up artist, Kerri Metcalf.

Scottsdale Living Magazine Spring 2012