Just in time for summer, Calistro California Bistro at Hilton Village has brought on a new Executive Chef, Gerald Allen. We were lucky enough to steal a bit of Gerald’s time and ask him some mouth-watering questions about these delicious new changes.

What compelled you to pursue a cooking career?

My grandmother cooked for a famous family for years, and so I was always around cooking and food. It was something I was always interested in. I decided to learn how to cook, and the rest is history. Originally I wanted to open a restaurant and run the front of the house, but I fell in love with cooking.

Where did you study the culinary arts?

Johnson & Wales in Norfolk, Virginia and Providence, Rhode Island.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu to eat?

Local eggs — as a chef I can cook eggs in a lot of different ways. I love these new local eggs, and they allow me to be very creative with a very simple ingredient.

What’s one of your favorite summer-time dishes?

Roasted chicken, blue crabs, sweet fresh corn.

What dish do you find most fun to prepare?

Pork Milanese. It’s a new item on our menu.

What’s your favorite summer-time cocktail?

I’m a beer guy — anything from Dog’s Fish head, or Devil’s Ale from San Tan Brewing Co.

Why should Arizonans head down to Calistro Bistro this summer?

We serve really honest food and drink in a great atmosphere. We create a unique experience for our guests, and we offer approachable food with outstanding customer service.

Anything else you’d like us to know about yourself or Calistro Bistro?

I’m a relentless guy; I am pursuing perfection. We are a guest-driven restaurant, and I strive to make them happy every time they come. We are trying to put out a great product and build our guest relations. People should give us a shot.

Gerald Allen, Calistro Bistro Chef

For more information about Executive Chef Gerald Allen or Calistro California Bistro at Hilton Village, visit calistrobistro.com.

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