Every season of the year is special in some way, but there is no season quite as playfully captivating as summer. When the temperatures skyrocket, Arizonans know how to seek out the nearest lake or pool (or beach, if you feel like a road trip!) to relax and partake in the sunny joy that is synonymous with the season.

While we always are looking for ways to be style-conscious, summer is the perfect time to experiment with variety and have some fun with your self-expression.

Whether you’re content to hop in the trendy boat this summer, or are unbearably eager to try out some unconventional fashion dares, I have ways for you to achieve either — or even some colorful combinations of both.

Here’s a look at two hot topics within the world of summer accessories:

1. Adorn your arms

I need to begin this section by explaining that I am an earrings girl at heart. It could be said that I have an unnatural obsession with earrings — especially really big ones that are unique and deserving of attention. I also am a big believer in the statement necklace, although earrings are still my No. 1, go-to accessory. With that in mind, my best advice for the summer months may sound contradictory, but I promise you won’t regret following this one truth: Unleashing the beauty of the bracelet is one of the best fashion decisions you can make in summer accessorizing.

Here are three examples of how to punch up your personal style by embracing this accessory:

Be influenced

Tribal and ethnically-inspired jewelry has always been beautiful, but it’s never been trendier than right now. Find some bracelets that incorporate Native American accents, like turquoise; pieces of Indian culture, like beading; or a bracelet with patterns originating in Africa.

Trust the cuff

Cuffs are not only easy to wear, but also draw the eye because of their width. Find a cuff that offsets your outfit and isn’t matchy-matchy (think silver if you’re wearing white, or coral if you’re wearing turquoise). You will be putting your own trademark spin on a trendy accessory in no time.

Stacking is a powerful tool

summer accessories When wearing bracelets, don’t forget to stack. Wearing numerous bracelets of different styles and widths next to one another is a sure-fire way to be a pioneer with your accessories. Nobody is going to have the exactly unique combination you pull together, so nobody will end up wearing the same thing or be able to perfectly replicate your look. Throw in multiple colors, add in a watch, and play around with the order of the bracelets, too. Look in the mirror, and say “hello” to your trendsetting self.

2. Seize your sass

Being a little brave with your accessory choices is a matchless way to show you are up-to-date with current trends while still being ahead of the curve with your own style twists. Be careful here. Women will often try so hard to be different that they end up looking just a bit odd instead. Remember that being unpredictable with your fashion does not have to equate to wearing bizarre things. In fact, the best way to capitalize on this highly rewarding summer fashion advice is by spicing up some traditional trends with your own personal brand of sass

Here are three ways to do just that:

Put the spotlight on one item

Sometimes there really is beauty in minimalism. Make your look effortless and effervescent by complementing your clothing with one or two electrified elements. Transform an all-white ensemble into an eye-catching masterpiece by carrying a canary yellow purse and wearing brightly colored sunglasses, as an example. Simple and sassy is always a fashion win.

Upgrade the usual hair accessory

I, for one, am not nearly creative enough with my hair, but I do try out some new trends every so often.

Remember the adorable, scarf-in-the-hair scenario that many girls can pull off in the cutest ways? I challenge you to give the standard headband and the average scarf a little extra pizazz. Instead of reaching for these stand-by looks, go for something a tiny bit outrageous (but still attractive). Find a head wrap that looks Grecian, or add something interesting to a headband you already have. With these tips, it will be easy to showcase your hair in a saucy, unique way.

Give an unexpected part of your body some fashion TLC

While I encourage you to go wild with bracelets this summer (as mentioned above), I also vote for you to pay some attention to the parts of your body that usually fly under the radar. If you just got a pedicure and your toes are looking ready for a summer adventure, don a cute toe ring or an ankle bracelet. You are likely to be one of the few to remember that foot jewelry exists, and people will be pleasantly surprised when they admire your inventive approach to summer accessories.

summer accessories
summer accessories
summer accessories

You really can’t go wrong with summer accessorizing if you keep these fresh ideas in mind, and dream up some of your own as well. The moral of my strategy with summer fashion? Have some fun, and add some flair.

Happy trendsetting!