Dress up or dress down. A bourbon or a beer. A ribeye or a burger. Once you sit down at your table at Federal American Grill, you’ll find that its culture is based around “Where yes is the answer. What’s your question?” And that is what makes Federal American Grill a must-try dining destination in Metro Phoenix.

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Federal American Grill is an American Restaurant with an emphasis on quality ingredients and precision cooking. The menu pays tribute to classic American cuisine. Federal American Grill use quality ingredients and allows them to shine in their best iterations. 

Signature dishes include a fun appetizer selection including a half-baked chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream (you HAVE to try this dish packed with heavenly deliciousness), fried cheeseburger egg rolls (one of the most innovative dishes in the Metro Phoenix dining scene) and a signature jumbo lump crab cake. The lunch and dinner menu features favorites like truffle stuffed chicken with herb creamy cheese filling, mashed potatoes, broccolini and white truffle as well as Thai shrimp and cheese grits with blackened citrus shrimp, Manchego cheese grits, Thai citrus glaze and wontons. Other standout items include a delicious selection of protein bowls, salads, steaks and seafood – and, of course, the Federal Burger.

Some other dishes sampled during a recent visit that are highly recommended include:

• Bang Bang  Shrimp ($17) are crispy sweet and spicy shrimp served on a bed of mixed greens that pack such a perfect kick (a bit of spice but not so much that it become an endurance event) that it becomes impossible to each just one … or 10. They are THAT good.

• The Center Cut Filet Mignon ($58) is so perfectly cooked and flavored that it gives any Scottsdale steakhouse a run for its money.

• If you’re looking for comfort food, look no further. Federal American Grill offers Janice’s Meatloaf ($29), wagyu ground beef with mashed potatoes and covered in a bordelaise sauce; and Chicken Fried Steak ($26) with loaded mashed potatoes and smothered in country gravy. Both are more comforting than a grandmother’s hug — and WAY more tasty.

In addition, Federal American Grill’s whiskey and cocktail list play second to none. The cocktail program is crafted so that guests have the perfect drink for their meal or time of day. Diners who order the Flaming Oldie, created with Elijah Craig bourbon, house bitters, 151-brûléed orange and cherry, will be delighted by the smoky cocktail prepared tableside. Other notable drinks include the Bourbon Peach Smash, Rosemary Blush, Paper Plane, and more.

No matter the occasion, Federal American Grill creates a culinary experience that is quintessential Americana — and totally tasty.

Federal American Grill

Location: 7000 E. Mayo Blvd., Building 27, Phoenix

Information: 602-857-5555 or thefederalgrill.com