Since The United States’ inception, brave men and women have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. Families that came from nothing have been able to build their version of The American Dream. Our children have been given a place to grow and prosper.

From a young age, we learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance. We are taught what it means to be an American. We will celebrate Flag Day on June 14. As we grow older, we gain a deep and respect for our country. We understand what it means to be an American. We feel true patriotism and devote ourselves to the red, white, and blue.

There have been many symbols of Freedom in American history. A few examples include The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, American Bald Eagles, The Liberty Tree, the Constitution, National Anthem, and the most patriotic of all, The American Flag. The American flag symbolizes valor, purity, vigilance, perseverance, and justice. It tells the story of America.

Now is the time to show your love of our country by raising an American flag at your home or business. Grab an allegiance American flags, secure it to the flagpole, and hoist it up so it can flutter in the wind and show your friends, neighbors, and colleagues how proud you are to be an American.

Where to Find a Quality Product?

When shopping for an American Flag online, you will find many flag options come up in your search, however, not all flag manufacturers are the same. A study concluded that more than 90% of the American Flags for sale online have been manufactured overseas. Most of these flags made overseas are not made with quality products. Flags made with poor quality materials, mediocre assembly and cheap hardware will lead to fading, tearing, and breakage. The flag may be more cost-effective now but you will see that it needs to be replaced much sooner than if you had bought a high-quality American-made product.

Made In the U.S.A. Craftsmanship

When comparing American flag products, take a close look at the overall craftsmanship of the flag. The right flag to purchase has durability, can survive the elements of mild and severe weather, and light enough to proudly flow in the wind. The stitching must be strong and tightly thread. Should the stitching break on a quality flag, you should not see the thread start to unravel further.

When purchasing an American flag from a company that manufactures and sells products 100% made in the U.S.A., you are proudly supporting your country in addition to supporting American small businesses and creating jobs for your fellow Americans. You’ll make your purchase with ease knowing that, for the most part, American-based companies have higher labor standards, offering employees fair wages and healthier working conditions. By making this American-made purchase, you are helping your fellow Americans live their American dream. It provides stateside jobs. In turn, these workers can proudly provide for their families, support their communities and we can all thrive together in the beautiful United States of America.


Not all American flags are made the same. When shopping around for a new American flag, review the product description in depth to ensure the product is made with the finest American materials, best craftsmanship, and most reliable mounting hardware. An American flag made with quality and pride will stand the test of time, just like our Democracy. You will feel American pride when your new American Flag is soaring over your friends and family during your next barbecue. America the great. American the proud.