Unfortunately, most people suffer from aches and pains in their neck and back regularly. This is because most of us do not make sure our spine stays aligned and has proper support all day. It is very important to always sit and walk with a perfect posture to help keep your spine straight. When you are seated for a long time it is physically impossible for you to maintain good posture without the correct support.

Where Do You Need Support

Most chairs offer you any support for your spine when you set in them. A healthy spine should curve in at the lower back yet, must chairs have a straight back. If you look at your back and a chair’s back as puzzle pieces they just do not fit. There is always a gap in your lower back. This area is also known as your lumbar and it requires support for you to sit comfortably for a long time. Since many people spend their whole days sitting your office chair must include lumbar support.

The other place that special support is required is in the seat of the chair. When we set we increase the pressure that is placed on our back by three folds. A seat cushion that is designed correctly will help to reposition your tail bone and lower back and redistribute the weight evenly between your hips and thighs. This means you will need to also invest in a seat cushion for your office chair.

What to Look for in Cushions

When you are shopping for lumbar cushions and seat cushions you will want to look for a lot of the same characteristics. You will want both of the cushions to be made out of memory foam. Memory foam is firm but shapes to cushion your back and bottom. That is why so many companies use it in the manufacturing of mattresses and many orthopedic pillows.

You will also want the cushions you chose to be machine washable. Since you will be using them daily you will need to wash both of them often. You will also want them both to be made of a material that allows you to put them in the dryer. Drying them will make sure that they are completely sanitized.

Both cushions should be easy to install and remove because you will be doing that often to keep them clean. Keeping the ease of transporting them in mind is also a necessity because you will have to take them between your home and office when you are cleaning them. Also, make sure they are made well and will stand up to be using daily.

Where to Purchase Your Support Cushions

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