Drug, alcohol, or substance addiction can negatively impact a romantic relationship and test it in inconceivable ways. It can also cause physical, mental, emotional, and financial damage to one or both of the persons involved.

However, if you want to help yourself & your partner in overcoming this adversity and save your relationship from addiction-induced suffering, hard work and hope are necessary.

Two Addicts In A Relationship- How To Make It Work?

The most important thing for a recuperating addict is to keep away from the substances that they are addicted to and also any other addicts around them. It may seem impossible to push through when both of you are suffering from addiction. Things are a lot more complicated as you can’t simply ignore your partner.

Plus, it makes you more dependent on each other, because you both are vulnerable and cannot function normally on your own.

The first thing you need to do is to stop supporting each other’s addiction habits or blaming each other for the affliction. It would not only damage you individually but will also make the relationship suffer.

Also, you and your partner might exhibit withdrawal symptoms at times, which may again become a cause for a widening rift, unless you both individually realize the importance of sobriety first.

Both of you should rather consider why getting out of addiction is important for each other and help pull each other through.

Going for drug rehab together gives you higher chances of success. The professional approach toward solving your unique problems will help you attend to all your issues more clearly and confidently.

Can You Save The Relationship After Addiction?

The answer is yes, you can!

The broken relationship can be repaired by taking measures to help each other navigate through the tough times. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that getting free from drug or alcohol addiction is possible and it takes time and acceptance.

Lying to each other and manipulation can impair the relationship beyond repair.  Communicating your feelings and expressing your insecurities explicitly to your partner are the first steps toward modification.

So be clear and honest about what you both are going through, how the issues concern your relationship and the measures you both are willing to take to resolve them.

Tips To Recover From Addiction As A Couple   

First things first, do not hesitate to opt for therapy. Data on addiction and drug use statistics show that only 11% of Americans who should be receiving treatment for substance use disorder are actually taking the treatment.

With counseling, comprehensive treatment and professional help, actions can be taken to change the dynamics and get your relationship and your life back on track.

Following are a few tips:

Patience And Persistence: The therapy to handle substance cravings can take time. Overcoming addiction is not an overnight thing. What you both need while trying to get the better of yourselves is patience and support from each other.

This might sound easier said than done. You both might face conflicts and setbacks at times, but a little perseverance can hold it all together and let you regain control over your lives.

Consider Positive Activities To Recover Together: Try doing things you both love. Go on trips, explore new places, you can plan couples meditation sessions or workouts, spend quality time with each other, do fun activities to keep you both engaged, go out with friends and family, follow your hobbies, or do anything that helps you both relax and look past addiction.

Commit To Healing: When you both are putting efforts into deaddiction, remember if even one of you gets off track, it can be consequentially damaging for the other as well. It can either cause setbacks for the recovering addict or create an irreparable rift in the relationship.

Both of you need to make conscious efforts to empower each other to keep going and moving forward. Mutual trust and care can go a long way in restoring your distressed bond.


Your addiction is bound to wound and weaken your relationship. If you want to break the shackles, there’s no better way to do it than together!

With love and a ‘never giving up on each other’ attitude, claiming a healthy relationship back is entirely within reach.

Focus on your individual healing journeys and support your partner’s simultaneously, believing that you both can discover hope together, all over again!