Puppies are adorable, have no sense of personal boundaries, and have extraordinary bursts of energy. They’re also loving, playful, and, sometimes, they do the strangest things. Here are a few things that puppies do and why they do them.

Follow You Everywhere

You’ll never be alone again! However, while you might miss having some privacy in the bathroom, you’ll have an adorable smiling puppy to talk to instead. In all seriousness, though, your new pooch will follow you everywhere. Just enjoy the portable adorableness.


Puppies will run full speed at something only they can see, jump around, and even give you a toy as if to invite you to join them. It’s an adorable, hyperactive display, and it’s a great way for little pups to get exercise.

Fun fact: If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a Pitbull, you’ll know about adult dog zoomies. There are few things as adorable as a hyperactive Pitbull.


Have you ever noticed how a sitting puppy just can’t keep their limbs together? They might slip a little and end up sitting with their legs spread awkwardly. Other times, their poor young muscles might just fail completely, leaving them adorably flopped on their tummies.

A puppy’s muscles are soft while they’re young, so they can’t quite keep everything together to support themselves.

Bark at Everything

Look, mom! Something new! It’s me in a glass box, mom! Everything is new to your puppy; from his reflection in the mirror to the ringing doorbell, squirrels in the backyard, the dogs barking on TV to a car horn down the street.

Your puppy is going to try and explore, sniff, and ‘talk’ about every single one of these amazing events.

Hoard in Your Bed

Do you let your pup spend time on your bed? Expect to start finding hidden ‘gifts’! From chewed treats to slobbery toys, your dog will end up leaving many of its things between the sheets. As far as your pup is concerned, that’s exactly where those things belong, too. All you can do is love your little hoarder.

Chew Everything

Puppies explore things by taste, much like babies do. Your pup is going to taste, bite, and lick everything it can get its gums on.

The best thing you can do is leave a few chew toys lying around. It’s also a good idea to give your pup dog treats, especially if you plan to start training them young. Don’t overdo it, though!

Bonus: Puppies and Puppy Pictures are Good for You, Too

Do you struggle to concentrate when you work or study? The answer, according to Japanese researcher Hiroshi Nittono, is cute animal pictures! It helps you focus and improves your performance.

The next time you feel like you’re struggling to stay focused, enjoy a few adorable animal photos.

Take Away

Puppies are adorable, silly, and full of love – and they don’t always have a reason for the funny things they do.

Remember, though, that your pup is very impressionable, just like a baby. Training your puppy is good, but never yell at them while they’re learning. Instead, be patient, encouraging, and simply enjoy the fun that comes with having a young, energetic, and curious new addition to the family.