Did you know that about 673,000 homes were sold last year in the United States?

Selling and buying a home is an exciting time in the life of many Americans.

If you’re a homeowner trying to sell an empty house, you will face some challenges. However, staging an empty house is not impossible with the right tips.

Read on to get started.

1. Only Stage Key Rooms

If you have to stage an empty house and you’re on a budget, you can still do it by staging key rooms. When you stage a house, the purpose is to give potential a glimpse of what they can do with a room.

Start by renting furniture to highlight the most important rooms in the house, such as the master bedroom, living room, and the dining room.

2. Fresh Coat of Paint

When you plan on staging an empty house, you won’t be able to rely solely on furniture. Without a house full of furniture, potential buyers will pay attention to every imperfection they find.

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way when you’re planning to stage a house. Take this opportunity to paint the walls a neutral color. Because you don’t know the taste of the new owners, you want to provide them with a neutral canvas.

3. Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, the inside of the house won’t be the first impression. From the moment they pull up to the house, potential buyers will try to picture themselves in that house.

If you’re staging an empty house, you should keep into consideration the curve appeal. To show potential buyers why they should want to buy your house, ensure you have a well-manicured lawn, paint the door, remove any clutter, and such.

4. Deep Clean the House

Think of an empty house as an empty canvas, so you need to make sure it’s also clean. This is the perfect opportunity for you to scrub the floors, windows, walls, and the exterior of the house.

The problem with a lack of furniture is that potential buyers will start to inspect every nook and cranny of the house. Make sure the house is so clean that it appears brand new.

5. Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are key rooms of every house, so you need to do your best when staging a house.

To make the bathroom more attractive, make sure you get a nice shower curtain, fluffy towels, soap containers, and scented candles.

You might also want to accessorize the kitchen with a nice fruit bowl, ceramic pieces, and even a batch of fresh cookies.

If you don’t want to take steps to stage a house, you can always contact a buyer that offers cash for houses. A buyer who takes a house as is could be the right move for you.

Apply These Tips for Staging an Empty House

Now that you know about these tips for staging an empty house, you’re ready to sell your home. Remember to only stage key rooms, deep clean the house, work on the curve appeal, and stage the kitchen and bathrooms.

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