Bring My Song to Life is bringing a modern take to an age-old means of expressing one’s feelings in the most unforgettable manner. To give an idea of how the creation of original songs pairs with the practice of gifting, it may be necessary to go back in time. One who is old enough might remember the 80s when giving a cassette filled with recordings of meaningful songs was a common way to say, “I love you,” or “I miss you,” or even “I’m sorry.” Music has always served well as a gift that can bring a joyful tear to one’s eye. Bring My Song to Life has produced over 7,000 songs while collaborating with the best of the best in the music industry. That would literally be thousands of themes that have made their way into birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, team parties, and more. 

Gifting has always been rather complex and costly, especially for the person trying to find the most thoughtful, yet original, present for the occasion. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. And just about any guy would appreciate a brand-new Maserati sitting in his driveway. Just as well, teams love taking home a memento of the bonding that took place over a great (or not so great) season. While any recipient has many likes and wants, there is one gift that transcends time and value–an original song just for that person. Although this gift cannot be seen, it can be replayed time and again. And even if it cannot be appraised at just one set price, it is worth more than precious metals or jewels. Plus, it lasts forever and can be passed to future generations. 

So, one can only imagine that delight in a loved one’s eyes when he or she is presented with an original song that captures the spirit and soul of their relationship. Bring My Song to Life  transforms this wish into reality. Going beyond the idea of curating a playlist on a device or cloud, someone who wants to opt for something unique that’s rarely been done before, can simply share their story and have an original song composed and recorded to where it can be shared with a friend or loved one. 

Considering how much music influences its listeners, Bring My Song to Life not only creates songs that center around a romantic occasion but also for events and even for groups. As an illustration, a coach may want to take a different approach to the “good old’ pep talk” before the semi-finals. A team song could be the answer. However, this same coach might actually remember that “We Will Rock You” has already been done over and over again, and maybe for the age group, “Rebel Yell” might not be appropriate. So, he or she reaches out to the company that specializes in writing the perfect battle cry for any sport. At that point, Coach can visit the website and choose from a variety of packages and musical genres. (In this scenario, most likely something up-beat, encouraging, and fast-paced.) From there, the songwriters and singers work their magic. Ultimately, the team takes home a song and a memory that they’ll hold onto for a lifetime and share with their families and friends.

From special events to major milestones or just because, clients can now give the timeless gift that transcends time by having an original song written and recorded in a studio by professional musicians and singers. 

Bring My Song to Life came about thanks to the innovation of co-founders Mylene Besancon, who is the company’s CEO, and Chris Erhardt. With so many gifting options out there for people to choose from, Besancon and Erhardt wanted to present the opportunity for the customer to purchase something that is truly one-of-a-kind–an original song that captures the essence of the occasion and the connection between the giver and recipient. And it all starts with the client’s story. Luckily, he or she does not have to possess any special talents for song writing or know how to play an instrument. The client’s story provides the “canvas” for the artists at Bring My Song to Life. 

As Besancon explains, “I just love that we can help someone create a heartfelt gift that means as much to the giver as it does to the recipient. The uniqueness of a customized song is truly special.”

And how can a client make this wish into a reality? The shopper first visits and fills out the order form–though perusing through the various genres and occasions while listening to some samples can be helpful when making a decision. Secondly, the client shares his or her story which serves as the foundational core of the lyrics. For the song writer and composer who would take on the project, the story is the heart and the life of the song. These professionals are tasked with capturing all the feelings and special moments and weaving them into a song. 

While potential clients might assume that such a gift that requires specialized craftsmanship would cost a fortune, the price tag is actually quite affordable, starting at only $49. Nonetheless, the value of a memory that’s been immortalized into music far surpasses this price.