Among the beautiful pine trees, snow capped mountains and fresh air in Northern Arizona, local award-winning craft beer and spirits are made by Grand Canyon Brewing & Distillery. With the impending spring season just around the corner comes new fresh flavor. You’ll get a punch of smooth taste when you reach for a can of Deep In The Green, Double, an American Style Double IPA. Dry hopped with the greenest hops around including Columbus, Falconer’s Flight and Centennial. The fruity flavor hits your palate with juicy sweetness from real honey, finished by an ultra-hopped-up bite. Live curiously as you explore the ultimate hop flavor. This year, Deep In The Green has a new, beautiful can design inspired vintage National Parks Posters.

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“Deep In The Green was originally a recipe I created and brewed at home about five years ago. I couldn’t believe how delicious and smooth this beer turned out, so I brought it to our brewing team who made it even better. This brew boasts a 9.5% ABV but it drinks like 5% session beer,” says Alexander Phillips, Director of Sales, Marketing and National Accounts, Grand Canyon Brewing & Distillery.

Not to be upstaged by all those hops – Grand Canyon Brewing & Distillery just launched the newest addition to its year-round beers, Prickly Pear Wheat Ale. A clear, refreshing American Wheat Ale enhanced with the subtle sweetness of all-natural prickly pear flavor. Native to Arizona, the prickly pear imparts a delicate sweetness to an award-winning wheat ale. This creates a crisp and flavorful brew. Made to enjoy among the cactus laden landscapes of Arizona! ABV 4.9% IBU 18. The can design for Prickly Pear Wheat Ale is bright, colorful, fun and begging to be enjoyed on a warm summer day. 

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