Harkins Theatres, Arizona’s homegrown movie theatre company, reports that advance ticket sales for the highly anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water has sold more advance 3D tickets than any other movie. In preparation for James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel, Harkins has upgraded its 3D digital cinema systems with innovative state-of-the-art technology that takes 3D films to new levels with a smoother, brighter image and ultra-realistic visuals. 

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Known for his technological innovations in cinematography, Academy Award-winning Director James Cameron pushes 3D boundaries unlike anything before with captivating visual effects that demand to be seen on the largest screen possible. Moviegoers won’t want to miss Avatar: The Way of Water’s breathtaking adventure on the big screen in the most immersive 3D experience at Harkins Theatres beginning Friday, December 16. 

Critics are praising Avatar: The Way of Water. 

“’Avatar: The Way of Water’ Is James Cameron’s Most Stunning Cinematic Journey Yet.” − K. Austin Collins, Rolling Stone

“Cameron invites viewers into this fully realized world with so many striking images and phenomenally rendered action scenes that everything else fades away.” – Brian Tallerico, Roger Ebert

Moviegoers will be mesmerized when they see Pandora come to life once again on the big screen at Harkins. Tickets for the highly anticipated movie are on sale now at theatre box offices and Harkins.com.