In our modern western culture, we don’t typically like to consider the fact that we’re going to die one day. It’s an unfortunate reality that we must prepare for though, and while a lot of that preparation is dreary, some of it can be a little bit fun.

One of the last things that you’ll leave behind to represent your time on earth is going to be a headstone. Sometimes they’re intricate, sometimes they’re subdued. Sometimes they’re even humorous!

Planning ahead means that you get to design your own headstone ahead of time! That might seem morbid, but it can actually be kind of fun. It can help take some of the weight off of the event and even help you and your loved ones come together and come to terms with your death.

Read on for a few tips on designing your own headstone.

Check Cemetery Rules

While it might be tempting to go all-out with a fancy mausoleum and a full-sized statue of yourself, you might want to check if there are any regulations at the cemetery you plan to be buried in.

While many are flexible with shame, it’s common to have size restrictions as there’s only so much space.

Get Creative With Shapes

Headstones can come in plenty of fun shapes. They don’t all have to be the standard plaques or half-rounded standees.

Some shapes and designs have specific meanings, while others are more decorative. Even if the shape you’d like already has a meaning associated with it, don’t feel limited by that meaning if you feel particularly connected to it so long as it doesn’t bear extreme spiritual or cultural significance.

Hearts and angels are popular choices that look lovely in a cemetery.

Consider a Memorial Image

While your celebrations of life will likely have an image displayed for your family to remember you by, your headstone can also have something similar.

Headstone pics can be a great addition to your grave marker. They’ll let your family see your face long after you’re gone and add a truly personalized touch.

Don’t Be Limited By Grey

Headstones can come in many different colors, but because of the age of most headstones, we’re so used to seeing grey.

Black, dark purple and pink, and white are all popular colors for the stone to be. It’s generally best for your headstone to be a subdued color. Colors will fade over time, but darker ones will wear more evenly.

Consider Your Words Carefully

You can write your own epitaph if you like. While someone in your family may want the honor, this is your opportunity to get the last word in, so to speak. When you design your own headstone, you’re in charge.

If this means that you want something a little bit funny to give passers-by at the cemetery a laugh, go for it! If you want something a little more classic and tasteful, that’s okay too.

You only get to do this once, so choose carefully!

You Can Design Your Own Headstone!

If you want to get a little bit creative with something that will represent you forever, you can design your own headstone ahead of time so it really has your personal touch. It might feel a little morbid, but you could end up having fun. Everybody dies, but making some choices like this gives you agency in that process.

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