Every home needs a fashionable armchair, or two! When choosing your armchairs, finding a timeless style helps extend the lifetime of your chairs that adapt with a changing decor over the years.

However, if something more trendy is your style, you’ll find plenty of options for creative yet comfy chairs. With so many armchair options, how can you choose the right style and comfort level for your home?

We can help! Check out seven of the best armchairs for the perfect addition to your home.

1. The Tub Chair

Think of a deep “tub” surrounded by arms that connect at the base of the chair, allowing an opening for you to sit. The tub chair is one of the most comfortable armchairs, perfect for sinking into with a good book.

Choose a chair with a soft cushion to sink deeper. A firmer cushion can help you sit up with better posture for a more formal chair look and feel.

2. The Tulip Chair

Choosing the Tulip Chair adds a unique, simple accent piece to your decor. Made with a base of plastic shaped like a stem, these chairs resemble a tulip flower.

Choose a cushion color as an accent and add a table to create more functionality in your armchair’s space.

3. The Wingback Chair

Stick with a classic addition to your sitting room when choosing a wingback chair. These high-backed chairs with low armrests work best in pairs and add elegance to any space.

Wingbacks come in a variety of styles, from a Queen Anne version to modern adaptations of the classic chair.

4. The Box Chair

While a tub chair is round (like a semi-circle), box chairs get their name from their square shape. Picture a deep box with a soft cushion and high arms from the top of the chair to the base.

If your living room decor lends itself to a squared-off look, choose a box chair instead of a tub chair. You’ll still have an excellent chair where you can enjoy a good book.

5. The Bergére Chair

Without sacrificing comfort, choose a bergére chair for a formal addition to your home. While the wooden frame and minimal upholstered arm padding might not appear as comfy as a box or tub chair, the bergé is deceptively soft.

6. The Club Chair

If you need a statement armchair for your living room, the club chair is your best choice. Typically made with leather, the club chair is a large armchair with plenty of padding for a comfortable spot by the fireplace.

7. The Occasional Chair

To fill a vacant spot or provide extra seating for guests, an occasional chair is an excellent choice. It’s a bare-bones armchair, but you’ll find plenty of options to blend nicely with your home’s look and feel.

The Best Armchairs Complete Your Space

Sometimes, choosing one of the best armchairs is the perfect piece to complete your living room or office space. We hope you found this article helpful.

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