Youfit Club

Things to Know: Everything is about you at Youfit. The chain of health clubs was founded in 2008 to give casual gym-goers another place to achieve their fitness goals. Their top-notch staff of certified personal trainers is available to create personalized fitness plans or you can try one of their many group fitness classes that range from tai chi to cycling to African dance. There truly is something for every taste. Plus, don’t worry about having to skip your workout on those busy days — Youfit has a specially designed Express circuit that allows you to get in a full body workout in just 30 minutes.

Don’t Miss: It’s not just the wide range training options that makes Youfit a great health club. At select clubs, they also have beauty amenities such as tanning and saunas, child care, and a registered dietician to assist you in being healthy in all aspects of life. With more than 10 Valley-wide locations, you are sure to find the one that will suit you best.

Village Health Club and Spa

This premier health club prides themselves on creating a community for its patrons through the combination of sports and spa amenities as well as a fitness center.

Lee’s ATA Martial Arts

Become “ATA Strong” at any age with martial arts and group fitness classes such as kickboxing aerobics.


TruFusion offers many different group workout classes, but they are known for a workout described as a blend of yoga and boot camp in a heated room.

Family Life Center

The whole family has a place in this hub with basketball teams, cheer teams, group fitness classes and even a cafe for when it’s time for a break — everyone will leave feeling happy and healthy.

Jabz Boxing for Women

Women stand strong together as they get their sweat on in this circuit style workout using a boxing style.


Orangetheory offers a high-intensity blend of cardiovascular and strength training designed to keep your heart rate up.

EVKM Self Defense and Fitness

This is the perfect location to not only get in your workout but also learn to defend yourself against attackers with krav maga.