Close your eyes and imagine a world in where your snacks give you the upper hand in fat loss. It sounds like a dream, but if you pay attention to the snacks you keep on hand, you can actually use them to get leaner. No, they’re not diet pills that will magically shave pounds off your physique—they’re simply healthy foods that will go a long way toward staving off hunger and preventing you from gorging at mealtime.

Ready to find out what snacks you need in your cupboard? Read on to find out!

No. 1: Walnuts & Almonds

All nuts are great to eat, but there is something special about walnuts and almonds. They’ve got healthy fat and protein and are exceptionally filling. Grab a handful of either, eat them nice and slow, and you’ll be able to coast to your next meal with ease.

No. 2: Dried Fruit

Basically all fruit is great for snacking, but sometimes the effort required for fresh fruit can be an obstacle. Don’t let time restraints or the potential for a mess keep you from downing fruit. Go with dried fruit instead and you can easily chomp on whatever fruit you choose. As an added perk, saving leftover dried fruit is as easy as closing the bag. Just be careful not to get dried fruit with added sugars, as your effort to slim down will be in vain.

No. 3: Peanut Butter Toast

Nuts are on the list once again, but this time it’s peanuts, and they need to be nice and creamy. A toast-sized portion of peanut butter provides a solid protein boost, and if you spread it across Ezekiel bread, you’ll get an even greater fill of protein, along with a great big high five to your taste buds. A piece of this and you’ll be off to the weight-losing race in no time!

No. 4: Kale Chips

You’ve spent years of your life salivating at the thought of a fresh bag of potato chips or a sleeve of crackers and cheese. Not any longer. In 20 minutes or so, you can bake up some delicious chips made from kale that will fill your need for something salty with a nice crunch! As an added perk, they’re low in calories and are the good green stuff your mom wants you to eat more of.

No. 5: Cold Corn & Peas

It’s a hot day and you need a snack ASAP! All you’ve got to do is peak in your freezer and toss some frozen peas and corn into a small bowl. One by one, pop them into your mouth, letting the coldness cool you off, and the vegetables’ natural sweetness gives you a flavor that is just right in bite-sized portions.

No. 6: Oatmeal

It doesn’t get a lot more ordinary than oatmeal, but snacks don’t always have to be exciting. A small bowl of oatmeal, mixed with a scoop of high quality protein powder, will go a long way toward keeping you from the snack machine and a lot closer to your weight-loss goals. And with a few small slivers of apple or even a few pinches of ground cinnamon, it’ll have a flavor as satisfying as it is filling.

No. 7: Protein Shake

Another snack that will fill you up with fat burning fuel is a simple, classic protein shake. Start with a scoop, or two, of high quality protein powder, and add water and ice. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s effective.

Remember that fat loss comes as the result of a consistent, challenging exercise routine that’s paired with healthy eating habits. You can’t achieve the body of your dreams simply by eating a certain way – exercise is an absolute must.