Chandler residents, Dwight and Adrina Lavender introduced a high-tech fitness “smart-gym” (which mainly relies on artificial intelligence vs. traditional equipment like dumbbells, treadmills, etc.) to residents of the Gilbert area. On Feb. 25, the Lavenders opened their first Exercise Coach location at 1166 South Gilbert Road, Suite 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296. The couple have committed to launching another location in the Ahwatukee area in the Spring of 2021.

Outfitted with high-tech computerized machines instead of traditional equipment, The Exercise Coach offers highly personalized programs optimized for efficiency, resulting in only two 20-minute workouts per week that can’t be matched in effectiveness with even seven days a week of traditional activity-based exercise. The national franchise offers a unique, comprehensive approach to fitness designed to be the perfect fit for anyone, regardless of current fitness levels. The Exercise Coach combines bio-adaptive exercise technology with the guidance and encouragement of certified coaches. The studios create a dynamic exercise experience that blends personalized strength and interval cardio training in each session.

Adrina Lavender will retain her full-time role as Senior Operations Leader for, and will assist in marketing and talent development for this Exercise Coach franchise. Dwight’s last corporate role was Head of Field HR for Sprint Corp. He also does leadership and HR consulting, and tutors elementary school age children in computer coding, English, math and study skills. Dwight will continue to tutor in his spare time while he owns and operates The Exercise Coach.

“I decided to launch an Exercise Coach franchise because I’ve always enjoyed helping individuals and organizations reach their goals, and I find that I make a great coach, both personally and professionally. In addition, I had a good friend who passed away at 46 years old from a heart attack. I love the Exercise Coach’s approach to fitness in catering to people who, like my friend, don’t find themselves in a traditional gym environment. Just like my friend, I find that many people are not motivated by traditional fitness and personal training strategies, and as a result, are simply not taking care of themselves on a regular basis,” Dwight said. 

More than 120 million Americans say they “know they need exercise and wish they participated more.” The Exercise Coach uses its technology to capture the more reluctant exercise consumer — people who are either too busy to spend a great deal of time at the gym, dislike the gym scene and/or are afraid of injuring themselves.  Rather than use their proprietary technology competing with other gyms to court the most athletic people, The Exercise Coach offers privacy, convenience, personalization, efficiency and guidance to change the quality of life for people who are less familiar with fitness successes.