Over the last 20 years, with the emergence of players like Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, golf fitness has become a priority if you are trying to improve your game. It is important to be both physically fit and adaptable so you can handle the rigors and stress that competitive and recreational golf throw at you. The unfortunate part of improving your golf game is that no matter how technologically advanced the equipment, the inability to achieve the needed positions and strike the ball consistently will hinder your progress. That is where golf fitness comes in. Golfers, all along the spectrum of ability, have benefited from a well-tailored physical fitness plan. Whether just starting out or a seasoned player, here are four tips to ensure you have a well-rounded fitness plan that will elevate your game.

Spencer Tatum is a Scottsdale resident and founder and performance director of THP (Tatum Human Performance).

Do a movement assessment

Too often we see folks attempting workouts they stumble upon on social media which results in frustration, or worst case, injury. The reason this happens is that the training program wasn’t made for them and how they move. Doing a movement assessment with a trained professional will ensure you are aiming for your goal and picking exercises that are going to benefit you and improve your ability.

Ensure you have adequate mobility

One big mistake we see is golfers want to swing like the pros, but don’t have the physical capabilities (mobility) to do so. If your body can’t achieve a certain position, but you force it, you will have to make compensation to get there. Not only can this result in a miss or mishit, but it can also put you at an increased risk of injury. Ensuring that your fitness program works on any mobility is a key starting point for unlocking your potential.

Work on stability

With heightened mobility comes an increased need for being able to control it. Most people end up losing posture, come out of position at the top, or sway and slide when they don’t have necessary stability for the golf swing. Some things to work on include stability in the pelvis, upper body and shoulders. The best way to work on this is exposing the body to different positions and resisting changing environments. Stability is key when trying to find the slot in your golf swing and it only makes sense to work on that in your fitness plan.


Another mistake we see in the gym and on the course is a refusal to help the body recover. Staying hydrated and focusing on nutrition can keep your body in top shape while on the course, leading to less mental errors. On the fitness side, having the right plan in place to keep your body fresh for tournaments or weekend games will be key to consistent play. You want to make sure you are adequately able to recover from soreness or fatigue, so it does not impact the way you swing the club.

If you are planning on starting a golf fitness plan, make sure to focus on finding the right solution for you and how you move. A well-tailored plan can help you overcome the hump and get you playing the golf you’ve always wanted!


Spencer Tatum is the founder and performance director of THP, an individualized training company for clients and coaches. Spencer’s unique approach to fitness, performance training and coaching stems from his experience as an elite college athlete and the pain of injuries. As much pain and fulfillment came from playing in college, it also brought a tremendous amount of learning and inspiration to develop a different way of looking at the human body. This caused Spencer to dive into learning how to optimize the human body and he found his calling to develop THP. THP provided him the motivation to get his degree in exercise physiology from Ohio University and numerous certifications in different disciplines. He has taken this approach to clients at all physical levels, from youth to elite athletes. Spencer is now a leader and innovator in the field. He developed a unique niche in the sports world, especially in golf, being named one of the Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers in the country by Golf Digest and winning a National Championship with the ASU golf team.