For those wanting to keep their New Year’s resolution of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider making a permanent change in your life. Sample various gyms, workouts, etc. that fits your lifestyle; one that you look forward to — instead of one that you dread.

Do you love your couch? Mine is amazing and anywhere you sit on it is the best spot to be. The thing is a death trap. It sucks you in and slowly bleeds your energy and enthusiasm till you lose all motivation to accomplish anything.

I’m being dramatic. The point is we all have a “couch” that inhibits our desires to accomplish more for ourselves. You’re busy, and good for you for being normal and having a life with more important things to focus your energy. However, if improving your overall health is of any value, then I challenge you. Somewhere I guarantee there is a person twice as busy as you, and he or she is making time to go for a run.

We know you want it, so let’s turn desire into action and keep the momentum pushing you forward. Simultaneously, we’ll mitigate the “couches” that can derail your progress. There are no shortcuts, no miracle pills, and no perfect foods or exercises. Lasting change takes time, discipline, and dedication. That is what you are truly pushing for – permanent change.

The First Steps

Specifically detail why you want this. Maybe you’re trying to prevent health problems or be a positive example for your family. Whatever you decide make it selfish and personal. Powerful reasons are hard to ignore. Try appealing to your competitive side. Reward yourself for reaching benchmarks or, even better, get a workout buddy or group to compete with and reward each other. Now it’s time to find the tools to accomplish your goals.

We are creatures of habit and tend to focus on routine and results and forget to HAVE FUN!

Finding the Perfect Fit

There are too many fitness options available to be certain which ones are perfect for you without trying them all. Barring any physical limitations, it’s more about finding a mental and emotional fit. Love what you’re doing, and don’t be fooled into thinking you need to immediately commit to any one program to see results; there’s time to make that happen.

Realize that you are remaining active and opening up the possibilities for a better life. As the weeks pass you will discover something you love and will stick with it and you will have certainty in knowing that you’ve already tasted the alternatives. But remember, no gym is supposed to make you instantly feel good about yourself while you’re there. If that was the case they’d serve you shots. You look forward to what you’re about to attempt and then feel great about what you’ve accomplished. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Take Advantage of Deals

If you could test drive a different luxury car every week and just had to pay for your own gas – would you do it? This time of year is a buyer’s market in the fitness industry. Gyms can obtain a 30 percent increase in new memberships during January and February. This means lots of options and big discounts. You’ve probably seen more than a dozen promotional offers within the last few weeks through various advertisements. Search through Groupon and LivingSocial. Try as many of them as you can and HAVE FUN!

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Eventually you will settle back to being habitual, but you will have achieved change that is now a part of your life. Appreciate this moment and look forward to your goals on a weekly basis. Stop trying to focus on the rest of the year. You don’t stare at the top of the mountain while you’re hiking up the trail. Once it becomes habitual you will make it a part of your routine. You’ll schedule time for it, add it to your calendar, set reminders, make plans around it, and share it with people you know, sending them meeting requests. Before you know it you won’t let the “couch” work its way into your agenda because you’ll feel guilty if you miss a session. Congratulate yourself and admire how far you’ve traveled. And don’t forget to pay an occasional visit to your couch.

Which Groupons or LivingSocial deals have you tried and are implementing into your life? Which deals are the best in the Valley? Let us know!

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