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May 22, 2014

Michael Gossie

A healthy way to get the perfect summer glow

I’m an endurance athlete. I swim. I bike. I run. That means I spend a lot of time in the sun.

Robin Grandinetti of Airbrush Tan by Robin in Scottsdale.
Robin Grandinetti of Airbrush Tan by Robin in Scottsdale.

I also want to continue to be an endurance athlete for as long as I can, so I slather on sports sunblock to protect my skin every time I go for a long run, ride or swim.

Here’s the dilemma: On the occasions that I do get some sun, I’m always told that I look better and look healthier with a little glow. So do I risk my health and get more sun to bring the sexy back, or do I keep slathering on the sunblock with the comfort of knowing that I’ll be able to run my lilly-white tail off until they have to guide me off the marathon course and back to assisted living?

Luckily, I can have it both ways now.

A friend suggested that I try getting a spray tan before a recent high-profile work event. It was a suggestion that had been made countless times, but I was always apprehensive. Would a spray tan turn me orange? Would it ruin my clothes? Would it be blotchy? Would it be gone after my first shower?

I’m happy to report that none of those things happened.

“If you use a good lotion and take care of your skin, your first spray tan will last at least 7-10 days,” said Robin Grandinetti of Airbrush Tan by Robin in Scottsdale.

After my first spray tan, I did a 10-mile run and biked the following day, did 40 minutes in the pool the day after that and maintained my normal workout routine. Two weeks after my first spray tan, I still have that healthy glow that earned me compliments at my work function the day I got the tan.

“The best thing about a a spray tan is that you don’t have to spend hours baking in the sun to get the same look you can get from a couple minutes getting sprayed,” said Grandinetti, who only uses healthy and organic products when she sprays clients.

To get an idea of what you can expect to pay for a spray tan, Grandinetti charges $25 for one tan her studio of $45 if she tans you in the privacy of your own home. To learn more, contact Grandinetti at (602) 448-2861.

With bikini season coming up, it’s to perfect time to try getting sprayed so you can have a healthy glow and turn even more heads at the pool this summer.