August 6, 2014

Meryl Fishler

Scottsdale company pools world’s beauty secrets in skincare line

Women from all corners of the globe might not have a lot in common, but one thing for sure is that they all strive for beauty. Two Scottsdale women, Tanaha Hairston and Dr. Jennifer Haley realized that there was a shortage in skincare products that work for a wide range of ethnicities and mixed ethnicities. The two women created Derivations, a beauty line that sources ingredients and solutions from the entire globe.

Tanaha Hairston
Tanaha Hairston

For many generations, cultures have depended on many practices to heal skin and promote better health. Derivations draws on global beauty practices to create a skincare line that capitalizes on the best aspects of science, nature and ancient practices.

Derivations is the brainchild of Hairston. Hairston realized that all women have their own beauty secrets and she was inspired to bring the best of world beauty to every woman in one single line designed to target common beauty. After two years of preliminary research, Hairston discovered that every region has its geographic secrets. The next step was partnering up with Haley.

The product development “initially began with the idea and research on Hairston’s end, combined with my experience in clinical care and the knowledge of our chemists for a formula,” said Haley.

Haley was a dermatologist attendant at the National Naval Medical Center and she treated patients from all around the globe, but she was frustrated that one skincare line did not exist that could treat all her patients.  “The world is becoming smaller, why not one line to treat patients all around the world,” said Haley.

Jennifer Haley
Jennifer Haley

The Arizona-based skincare line was developed with elements of every ethnicity in mind. The Derivations team used ancient rituals to unlock the beauty secrets of the world by using skincare remedies for treatments and solutions that provide smooth, blemish-free and youthful skin.

Hairston says that the line is “inspired by tried and true beauty rituals from all over the globe.”  Derivations is influenced by history and utilizes science to perfect the products.  For ingredients they source all corners of the globe for the best beauty practices and ingredients.  The line employs these clinically proven ingredients into products that are based on skincare remedies that are discovered after intensive research and scientific analysis.

Derivations beauty secrets come from all over the globe. The line uses beauty secrets from the Nortic Region, the ingredients include sea enzymes, marine collagen, and algae extracts, to get ride of Wrinkles. The Ultimate Regeneration Crème recodes the DNA of skin cells with Vitamin A to allow Nordic sea ingredients to penetrate the skin. Dervitations’ Luminous Brightening Serums, a brightening and correction treatment, is inspired by ancient Asian rituals.

“It’s a big world we live in, seven continents of diverse culture and one thing we share is the desire to feel our best”, stated Hairston.  Derivations’ allows women in the modern world and of all ethnicities to have one skincare line that suits all their needs.