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February 12, 2014

Scottsdale Living

How to Be Your Own Valentine

With everyone trying to get ready for Valentine’s Day this weekend, it can be hard to feel happy as a single person. But don’t worry, there are plenty of singles activities and ways to avoid of feeling down on the overly romantic holiday.

First and foremost, own your singleness! It’s okay that you haven’t found that special someone or that you never want to. Everyone has to go through their own process and find what works for them. It is better to be single, confident and happy than stuck in an unhappy relationship. Think about all the great things about yourself and how you are a whole, confident person on your own.

Remember that you are not alone! There are plenty of single people out there looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day. Round up your single friends, go on a website or go to a bar to find other single people who are happy to be single on Valentine’s Day. Whether it is time to moan about the corporate nature of Valentine’s Day or make fun of all of your sickeningly in-love friends or revel in your single attitude, find others who share your feelings and bond over the occasion.

If you are really feeling down in the dumps about being single, try making a pro/con list (focus more on the pros). Think about all the great things about being single (I promise there are lots!). Focus on things you can’t do, or do as often, as a couple like hanging out with your friends, watching whatever you want on TV, making a mess and leaving it for days, taking up the entire bed or blasting the radio to your favorite song. You never have to compromise as a single, but can do whatever you want!

If you need some activities to keep you busy, but you don’t want to meet other singles there are still plenty of things to do. Pick your favorite actor and have a movie marathon. Read that book you have been meaning to finish. Get in a long workout. Go to a spa and pamper yourself. Do anything but wallow and feel sorry for yourself.

The last suggestion is to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. Show yourself some love because you deserve it after all. Instead of spending money on a date and gifts for someone else, buy yourself some chocolates and flowers, a nice massage, a mani/pedi or a night on the town with some single friends.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to treat you nice and make you happy. This Valentine’s Day feel happy about yourself and your place in life. Own your singleness!