Nothing screams ‘the holiday season is upon us’ like our favorite shows releasing a Christmas special; it’s a seasonal signifier on par with tinsel, snow, and department store mayhem. Not to mention ‘Christmas TV specials’ have seen a +300% global search increase on Google over the last month. But what are the best Christmas-themed TV episodes?

When it comes to TV Christmas specials, some are easy to forget, however some have stayed with us forever, and become a ritual to watch every holiday.

In order to give us an extra dose of holiday cheer, sought to uncover and rank the best Christmas specials from the TV shows we love the most.

Highest-rated Christmas TV episodes can reveal the highest rated Christmas TV special is the ever-so anxiety-fuelling global hit, The Bear with its holiday special (season 2, episode 6; Fishes) scoring an outstanding rating of 9.6 out of 10. Although not aired during Christmas, this episode sets the scene for what past holidays were like in the Berzatto family. The overwhelmingly anarchistic episode, with its star-studded cast including Jamie Lee Curtis and Bob Odenkirk, shows the dysfunctional family doing what they do best; causing havoc and bringing tension to the dinner table.

Taking the second spot is the American sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with their season 6, episode 13 special ‘A Very Sunny Christmas’, scoring an IMDb rating of 9.2/10. First airing in December 2010, this Christmas special shows Dennis and Dee teaching Frank a lesson “A Christmas Carol”-style, and Mac and Charlie learning some shocking truths about their childhood festive traditions.

In joint third place is The Big Bang Theory and Black Mirror with IMDb scores of 9.1/10. Season 2, episode 11 of The Big Bang Theory; ‘The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis’ first aired in December 2008 and shows Sheldon struggling to find an appropriate Christmas gift for Penny. Season 2, episode 4 of Black Mirror; ‘White Christmas’ first aired in December 2014 and the eerie episode is set during the Christmas season where story swapping turns dark, with both characters revealing the horrors of their past in the true dystopian fashion that Black Mirror fans crave.