A new survey from Zillow finds the NFL player Americans most want to be their next-door neighbor is Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end who is in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Kelce (12%) topped the list of NFL football players Americans most want as their neighbor, beating out his teammate Patrick Mahomes (11%) and Odell Beckham Jr. (7%), wide receiver for the Chiefs’ AFC Championship Game opponent, the Baltimore Ravens. 

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Kelce was the overwhelming favorite among 18- to 34-year-old women, 26% of whom selected the tight end as their preferred next-door neighbor, compared to 8% of men in that age range. In the battle of the big-game quarterbacks, Americans would rather share a fence with Patrick Mahomes than Brock Purdy (3%), according to the recent survey about the football players whom Americans most want as their neighbor commissioned by Zillow and conducted by The Harris Poll.

Snoop Dogg (12%) is the halftime performer Americans would most want to live next door to, with strong support from elder millennials ages 35–44 (17%). Jennifer Lopez tied Lady Gaga for second place (11% each). Only 3% of Americans picked Usher, this year’s halftime headliner, as their top choice for a next-door neighbor. 

In the football broadcasters category, Terry Bradshaw (17%) is America’s preferred celebrity neighbor, favored by those ages 45 and older (21%). The Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback came out ahead of his FOX Sports co-host Michael Strahan, who was selected by 13% of Americans. 

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Of course, real-life neighbors can make or break big-game festivities. Zillow’s survey finds 60% of Americans could be friends with a neighbor who actively supports a rival football team, but fewer than half — 46% — would invite a neighbor who roots against their team to their big-game watch party. Only 12% of Americans admit to snooping on their big-game party host’s home value online.  

Many Americans would throw a penalty flag on a neighbor who made a party foul during the big game. More than 2 in 5 (44%) would issue a penalty for “unneighborly conduct” if a neighbor fired up their noisy leaf blower or snow blower during the big game. Four in 10 (40%) would throw a flag if a neighbor showed up empty-handed to a watch party, while 36% would blow the whistle for double-dipping into the guacamole.  

If there was a trophy for “most valuable neighbor,” more than 2 in 5 Americans (44%) would award it to the neighbor who makes the best big-game food, and 16% to the biggest football fan. Fewer Americans would award the coveted “MVN” trophy to the neighbor with the biggest TV (13%) or the comfiest couch (7%).