Revel Surf at Cannon Beach, the 37-acre surf, shop, hospitality and lifestyle development project in Mesa is excited to announce that a revolutionary surfing technology has been installed – the UNIT Surf Pool.

Featuring German technology, the UNIT Surf Pool produces a unique deep-water wave, giving surfers the opportunity to both learn the fundamentals of surfing or perfect new tricks and skills. This is the first in-ground UNIT Surf Pool in the world and is 16-feet deep. The technology produces a continuous wave that can be adjusted creating a softer, mild wave that is good for beginners or larger, tighter waves that will challenge the pros.

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“Having both a standing wave and a traveling wave juxtaposed in the same park makes our project first in class and expands our toolbox of stoke. The Unit Wave creates a platform for the first-time surfer and the pro alike, not to mention the sport of spectating,” said Cole Cannon, founder of the Cannon Beach / Revel Surf project.

The UNIT Surf Pool recirculates 100% of its water through the Revel Surf filtration system thereby limiting water consumption to evaporation on the small area of exposed water surface. The water is sourced from an on-site well improved by Cannon.

“Most people are surprised to learn our entire surf offering consumes significantly less water than one hole of a golf at most course,” said Cannon. “Mesa City and our development team have been very water conscious every step of the way from the lagoons down to the showerheads.” 

A focal point of the complex will be the 2.2 acre state-of-the art surf lagoon that features the world’s first Swell MFG’s Traveling Surf Technology that creates a more natural wave with a peak rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option that is found in many of today’s wave pools.  Matt Gunn co-developer of Revel Surf’s Swell technology opined, “unlike most other surf technology that forces surfers to surf alongside a wall, Swell MFG technology allows the surfer to ride toward the beach, like in the ocean. So, parents get out your cameras and prepare to capture some first wave memories!”

Cannon Beach and Revel Surf Park located at the cross streets of Power and Warner roads in Mesa broke ground in June 2021 and will bring the ocean to Arizona in a place unlike any other across the state. It has 500,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and hotel space centered around the surf lagoon, and an anchor tenant, KTR, an indoor action sports center.

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