As the sun-soaked capital of Arizona, Phoenix isn’t just a bustling metropolis in its own right. It’s also surrounded by a ton of stellar suburbs, each offering its own unique flavor and charm. Keep reading to learn more about the Top 10 suburbs in Metro Phoenix.

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From luxury enclaves to tech hubs to serene family-friendly neighborhoods, the Phoenix suburbs described below provide great options for every lifestyle. This article dives into the crème de la crème of the Phoenix suburb scene, providing insights into what makes each spot stand out in the heart of the Southwest.


In the picturesque landscape of Phoenix suburbs, Scottsdale stands out as an oasis of luxury, art and outdoor activities. With world-class golf courses that would make any link lover’s heart race, upscale shopping districts that can satiate even the most discerning shopper and restaurants that range from gourmet to eclectic, Scottsdale is the epitome of suburban elegance.

Population: 242,753

Average age: 47.7

Median household income: $97,409

Average commute time: 22.9 minutes

Walk score: 32

One-bedroom average rent: $2,024

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,984

Three great apartment complexes in Scottsdale

Optima Kierland Apartments


Inspiration at Frank Lloyd Wright

But it’s not all about the glitz and glam. This Phoenix suburb supports an array of outdoor activities, from the scenic trails of McDowell Sonoran Preserve to horseback riding under the vast Arizona sky. Dive into Scottsdale and discover what makes this Phoenix suburb a crown jewel of the Southwest.


What sets Chandler apart in the lineup of Phoenix suburbs is its commitment to balancing urban sophistication with hometown warmth. From high-end shopping centers to local farmers markets and from cutting-edge theaters to the annual Ostrich Festival, this Phoenix suburb ensures residents never have a dull moment.

Population: 279,458

Average age: 36.7

Median household income: $91,299

Average commute time: 24.9 minutes

Walk score: 35

One-bedroom average rent: $1,785

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,000

Among the constellation of Phoenix suburbs, Chandler shines brightly with its unique blend of tech-driven progress and laid-back Southwestern charm. As the hub of the Silicon Desert, Chandler boasts a growing technology industry, attracting innovators and professionals eager to make their mark.

Three great apartment complexes in Chandler

Stone View on McQueen

The Ashley



Once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” Gilbert has grown exponentially, trading hay bales for innovative businesses and growing communities. Gilbert is a shining example of how a city can expand without losing its historic charm.

Population: 273,136

Average age: 34.5

Median household income: $105,733

Average commute time: 27.1 minutes

Walk score: 29

One-bedroom average rent: $1,747

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,991

Three great apartment complexes in Gilbert

The Carson

Trails at San Tan

Town Commons

Dive deeper into what Gilbert offers among Phoenix suburbs, and the picture only gets rosier. It’s a haven for families, thanks to its top-rated schools and pristine parks. And for those craving some sun-soaked adventure, there are outdoor concerts, farmers markets and green spaces where residents can relax. In the vast sea of Phoenix suburbs, Gilbert floats to the top and provides an unbeatable mix of the past, present and future.


As the third-largest city in Arizona, Mesa doesn’t merely ride the coattails of its size. It’s an epicenter for aerospace ventures, higher education institutions and tech enterprises, making it a hotspot for those with an eye on the future. Yet, with the backdrop of the majestic Superstition Mountains and access to the shimmering Salt River, Mesa ensures that residents are never too far from Arizona’s captivating wilderness.

Population: 509,475

Average age: 36.2

Median household income: $65,725

Average commute time: 25.4 minutes

Walk score: 38

One-bedroom average rent: $1,360

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,637

Three great apartment complexes in Mesa

La Costa Apartment Homes at Dobson Ranch

Acero Eastmark

Melody on Main

But wait, there’s more that sets Mesa apart from other Phoenix suburbs. The city prioritizes fun and adventure, evident in its sprawling golf courses, thrilling water parks and extensive trail systems. Add to that a healthy selection of restaurants, cozy cafes and ritzy retreats, ensuring that every culinary whim is always catered to.

Paradise Valley

The name itself evokes images of a dreamy haven, and Paradise Valley doesn’t disappoint. Famed for its upscale estates and celebrity residents, Paradise Valley offers a level of opulence seldom seen elsewhere. Breathtaking mountain views, especially from the vantage point of Mummy Mountain or Camelback Mountain, serve as daily reminders of the stunning natural beauty Arizona has to offer.

Population: 12,682

Average age: 54.9

Median household income: $203,659

Average commute time: 24.5 minutes

Walk score: 14

One-bedroom average rent: $2,050

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,100

Three great apartment complexes near Paradise Valley

Camden Montierra


Del Sol Apartments


Recognized as Arizona’s Antique Capital, Glendale offers a delightful stroll down memory lane with its historic downtown, where boutiques and eateries provide a nostalgic setting for casual shopping and good conversation. Yet, this Phoenix suburb isn’t just about looking back; it’s also home to the State Farm Stadium, where adrenaline-pumping Cardinals games and massive concerts ignite the spirits of thousands.

Population: 249,630

Average age: 33.8

Median household income: $60,499

Average commute time: 28.0 minutes

Walk score: 40

One-bedroom average rent: $1,299

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,650

Three great apartment complexes in Glendale

The Place on 51st

The Bungalows at Westgate

The Village at Olive Marketplace

Switching gears, Glendale wears another feather in its cap in the Phoenix suburbs scene as a premier destination for events and festivals. From chocolate fests that satiate the sweet tooth to hot air balloon shows painting the sky, there’s always something happening in this dynamic corner of the desert.


Population: 194,917

Average age: 40.3

Median household income: $81,017

Average commute time: 29.4 minutes

Walk score: 30

One-bedroom average rent: $1,555

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,776

Peoria is an adventurer’s paradise with the sprawling Lake Pleasant Regional Park in its backyard, offering the perfect setting for water-based activities all set against the backdrop of the sun-kissed Arizona landscape. On land, Peoria’s P83 District is where the action’s at, boasting a ton of dining options, bars and events that keep the energy up year-round.

Three great apartment complexes in Peoria

The Prescott at Park West

The Village at Pioneer Park


But Peoria doesn’t stop at fun and games in the world of Phoenix suburbs. It’s also a beacon for those seeking a serene suburban life, characterized by beautifully master-planned communities and top-tier educational institutions. Couple this with a forward-thinking local government and an engaged community, and it’s clear why Peoria consistently ranks high on the desirability scale.


Population: 149,191

Average age: 41.9

Median household income: $76,623

Average commute time: 30.7 minutes

Walk score: 21

One-bedroom average rent: $1,525

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,825

Expectations run high with a name like Surprise, and this Phoenix suburb delivers in spades. From the city’s Spring Training baseball games to its well-maintained parks, there’s an avenue for everyone to feel the rush or simply unwind.

Three great apartment complexes in Surprise

The Villas at Mountain Vista Ranch

The Residences at Stadium Village

Alta Surprise

But there’s another layer to Surprise that distinguishes it in the Phoenix suburbs roster. It’s a growing hub for education and healthcare, boasting some of the region’s top schools and hospitals. Add to that a commitment to sustainable growth, a friendly community spirit and a diverse range of housing options, and the allure of Surprise becomes undeniable.

Fountain Hills

Population: 24,987

Average age: 59.7

Median household income: $87,080

Average commute time: 28.7 minutes

Walk score: 19

One-bedroom average rent: $3,000

Two-bedroom average rent: $2,100

Fountain Hills is a visual masterpiece, where the Sonoran Desert’s natural beauty gets a touch of architectural elegance, providing residents with panoramic views that will steal your breath away. From the rolling desert hills to the shimmering blue of Fountain Lake, it’s a treat for the senses at every turn.

Three great apartment complexes near Fountain Hills


Scottsdale Highlands

Villa Montana

But Fountain Hills isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. It’s also a community that prides itself on community events. The town hosts renowned art fairs, craft shows and local markets that draw both residents and visitors alike. With spacious parks, scenic hiking trails and a commitment to community engagement, Fountain Hills provides an idyllic blend of leisure and lifestyle.


Population: 90,564

Average age: 31.6

Median household income: $69,241

Average commute time: 28.4 minutes

Walk score: 26

One-bedroom average rent: $1,421

Two-bedroom average rent: $1,678

Avondale is home to the Phoenix Raceway, where the roar of engines and the thrill of nail-biting races draw legions of NASCAR fans every year. But Avondale isn’t just for the adrenaline junkies; it’s home to many parks, trails and open spaces that serve as perfect spots for family picnics, weekend strolls or quiet afternoons with a good book in hand.

Three great apartment complexes in Avondale

The Village at the BLVD

Crystal Springs


Yet, there’s another side to Avondale that solidifies its spot on the Phoenix suburbs’ leaderboard. Its flourishing local economy presents plenty of employment opportunities, making it an attractive place for professionals and entrepreneurs. Add in a dash of delightful restaurants, shopping areas and a community that’s warm and welcoming, and it’s evident why Avondale has become one of the go-to Phoenix suburbs for those seeking a balanced life.