In keeping with its long-standing commitment to offer unique artistic experiences to its guests and community, The Hermosa Inn announced a partnership with the Scottsdale Artists’ School. Led by distinguished and extraordinary artists, three dramatically diverse workshops have been created to capitalize on Hermosa’s idyllic setting.

With class size limited to just 20, advance registration is required and can be made by dialing: 602.955.8614. $75 fee includes all supplies, a mimosa and pastries.

Nature Journaling–Art and Observation                                                                                                                                       Saturday, January 27 | 9:30 – 11:30 am | $75/person

Artist Devon Meyer will guide participants to reconnect with nature as they capture the many distinctive forms of cactus and stunning flowers found in the desert southwest. With a unique combination of nature journaling instructions and reflections, they will learn to draw what they observe, while gaining an appreciation for the desert’s beauty. Devon will offer a variety of ideas and provide personalized instruction throughout the workshop to include sketching and drawing techniques, watercolor skills, and how to use the vivid light and hues of the day. Everyone will take home their own sketchbook journal after a morning that artists of every level will enjoy.

Saturday, February 17 | 9:30 -11:30 am | $75/person

Participants will transform LON’s Hideaway Patio into a colorful trompe-l’oeil panorama, using pastels on pavement while creating their own one-of-a-kind vibrant and dramatic painting as they are introduced to the magic of the long-time art form that originated in 16th century Italy.  Darlene Curtis will demonstrate how Renaissance art is brought to life, ranging from recreating tightly-rendered realistic photos, to very loose impressionistic works, incorporating professional techniques for masking, stenciling, shading, and enlarging a picture. Every artist will also complete their own 2’ X 2’ masterpiece on wood as a keepsake.

Saturday, April 21 | 9:30 – 11:30 am | $75/person

Join contemporary southwest artist Joseph Wolves Kill in this printmaking workshop: Linocut Landscape. Linocut is a diverse and flexible medium that can range from graphic, single-color designs to subtle and complex interpretations. Using the tools and techniques of this traditional printmaking method, the instructor will guide participants through the creative and design process, carving away the areas of linoleum that are not to be printed, and detailing the areas that will be printed. Guests will then learn how to ink the lino plate, prepare the paper, and transfer the inked image to the paper, creating a dramatic picture that can be reproduced repeatedly. This workshop welcomes all ranges of talents, from novices to amateur printmakers, and everyone will take home multiple prints.