Easter is a time of year that makes everyone feel good—chocolate bunnies are in abundance and Peeps marshmallows are front and center. In addition to the beautiful baskets, Easter cards make nice gifts to give family and friends.

When you go into the stores, the aisles are full of nicely decorated cards for customers to buy. However, you can do things a little differently by creating your own cards for your loved ones.

By doing so, you can make it on your own and do something fun for the holiday. With that said, the decorating tips below will help you choose the best Easter card color schemes!

What are the Best Easter Card Color Schemes?

When you’re doing your own DIY crafts, there’s no right or wrong answer as to which Easter colors are the best. Honestly, you can be as creative as you want; but, traditionally, pastels are the top choice for Easter card designs.

Putting together Easter card design styles is a bit challenging. Here are a few suggestions to help spark your creativity.

Earth Tones

When you think of Easter, warm colors might not come to mind. However, they make great Easter card color schemes. When working with neutral, earth-tone hues, it’s a good idea to match dark and light pigments together.

For instance, if you’re shading in a brown bunny make the inside of the ears and tummy area yellow. By doing so, you can create a nice contrast without making the picture look too dim.


Light colors and Easter card color schemes go hand in hand. Chances are you’ve seen the pink, yellow, blue, and purple pigments plastered all over every Easter item you’ve ever seen. But if you’re wondering how to choose Easter card colors and match them together, it’s quite simple.

While using light hues, it’s okay to be as festive as possible. If you’re coloring in flowers, use a different pigment for each one. You can shade in a green stem, color in a blue center, and use pink petals!

Crazy Colors

There aren’t any rules for how far you can go with your creativity, especially if you can make Easter card for free. You can go all out with bright pinks, dark purples, and even sparkly hues; this method works exceptionally well on Easter eggs because they have lots of designs.

You can color the top layer orange, the second layer purple, then add gold zigzags, followed by lime green polka dots — that might sound wonky, but it’s fun and unique!

Make Your Easter Cards Come Alive

No matter which Easter card color schemes you choose, your loved ones are going to love it. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts.

Easter is a fun, light-hearted holiday that’s all about connecting with others. So, even if you don’t know how to choose Easter card colors like a pro, it’s okay!

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