Do it yourself room makeovers can take a drab room and make it vibrant and fun. A coat of paint can make a room look new. New flooring can create an illusion that the room is bigger than it appears.

Bring out your inner creativity by incorporating colors and designs that inspire you.

When most people think of a room makeover, they believe it has to be a costly endeavor. You can change the look of a room by simply focusing on one area and making it the centerpiece.

Keep reading to learn about 10 DIY makeover ideas that won’t cost a fortune and you can do yourself.

1. Do It Yourself Room Makeovers for Bedrooms

The easiest makeover for a bedroom is choosing new bedding and building off the color scheme or design. Head over to the nearest home decor store and choose a new comforter set and sheets. Use it to reimagine the room.

Add accent pieces, including decorative pillows and artwork. New window treatments will also give the room a new flare.

Wallpaper is still popular. Consider incorporating a paintable vinyl border around the walls.  

2. Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls are makeovers you can do yourself. These styles are very popular thanks to home improvement shows like Fixer Upper. It can be a wall in a larger room or a small space such as a foyer or nook.

There are different routes you can take. Paint one wall in a bold color that will automatically draw a person’s attention. Decorate the wall with a large painting or other artwork.

For a smaller area try some popular techniques available today. Buy a sheet of faux brick paneling and add a thin coating of pre-mixed stucco. This will give it the look of an aging brick wall.

Faux shiplap is another trend. It is strips of wood affixed to the wall. Typically, with a solid white or whitewashed finished. You can leave the wall bare or adorn with accent pieces.

3. Install Barn Doors

For those that like a country barn house decor, barn doors are a DIY room makeover weekend project. These sliding doors are great as a room separator or as closet doors.

Fashioned after real barn doors, they are affixed to a metal rod allowing free motion. They save space because unlike a regular door you do not need to worry about clearance space for a swing-out door.

Barn doors can be painted or stained any color. For a traditional look, paint the doors white or use a dark stain. 

4. Redo Flooring

Be a weekend warrior and change your floors. Another way to make your home look new is by giving floors a makeover. Trending today is the look of hardwood flooring.

Three products hot on the market are engineered hardwood, vinyl faux hardwood, and ceramic tile with a hardwood design.

These flooring treatments come in many colors and add depth to a room.

5. Create Additional Storage

Homeowners with an unused attic space should consider boarding a loft. Quickly turn the space into a functional storage area that is safe and weather resistant. The process also weatherproofs the area which can save you money on energy costs.

This is a DIY makeover project you can handle. 

6. Change Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchens are the heart of every home so you want it to be both functional and up-to-date. When people think about home makeovers that often think of the kitchen but shy away at the cost.

Changing or adding a backsplash is a cost-effective way to spruce up your kitchen.

With so many different tile designs, you are sure to find a look that will add beauty to your kitchen. Finish off the DIY makeover with some new cabinet and drawer pulls and handles.

7. Organize Your Laundry Room

Does your home have a laundry room? If so, you may have empty space that can be used to add storage. There are wall systems you can purchase that will make the room more functional.

After this DIY room makeover, you’ll have a place to store laundry and other cleaning products. A space to sort and fold clothes. Also, a place for storing other items that may be taking up space in the home.   

8. Retile a Shower Stall

This DIY room makeover is for the bathroom. If you haven’t updated your bathroom lately, chances are you are missing out on the new looks in ceramic and porcelain tile.

Give your shower stall or the area around your tub an updated look with trendy new tile designs. Go from floor to ceiling to make the bathroom look larger. Paint the remaining walls in coordinating colors.  

9. Reupholster Seat Cushions

Are you handy with a sewing machine? If so, you can give outdated furnishings a new look by redoing the cushions. If you are really adventurous, you can reupholster an entire sofa or chair.

Head down to your local fabric store and check out the many fabric designs to give your old furniture a facelift.  

If you have never reupholstered furniture before, don’t fret. Search for DIY videos on YouTube for step-by-step tips. 

10. Modernize Your Lanai

During the winter when you may not be using your enclosed patio space as much, give it a DIY makeover.

Create an accent wall with stacked stone tiles. Add in a cascading waterfall for a calming effect. Match the look by installing stone tiles to the flooring. 

If you have room in your budget, switch out those outdated glass doors with French doors. You may also like the newer decorative glass doors with panes or built-in mini-blinds.

Replacing the doors may require the assistance of a skilled craftsman. 

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Do it yourself room makeovers don’t have to break the bank. Many fun ideas can be accomplished for little money. Most can be completed in a weekend. Plus, improving the look of a room can be therapeutic.

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