Eighty percent of homeowners say professionals charge too much, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data from the American Housing Survey. As a result, homeowners have begun taking on DIY projects themselves to freshen up their homes to the latest styles and trends. 73% of homeowners say there is a wide variety of resources available to them that contain enough information that they could do many of their home repair and improvement projects themselves. Homeowners are taking advantage of these resources and their own skill set to undertake DIY projects to update and restyle their homes in cost efficient ways. Organized Living shares five popular DIY home improvement projects that homeowners are tackling in 2019.

1. Maximize With Closet Kits

Four in five homeowners would rather maximize their current space than buy a bigger home, according to the Woodworking Network. Closet and storage space is limited, so homeowners are finding solutions to solve for the lack there of. Closet kits are bringing their way into homes as they are easy to install and are adjustable. They allow homeowners to maximize every inch of closet space. Organized Living’s Adjustable Closet Kits are perfect for homeowners as they can fit in a number of storage spaces.

2. Spruce Up Hardware

One of the simplest, most affordable tasks that homeowners are doing to spruce up their home is updating hardware. From the bathroom to the kitchen, homeowners are changing out the hardware by purchasing new. This tiny project can change the look and feel of the room entirely.

3. Invest in Garage Storage

The garage is often a place to stash household items. However, homeowners are embracing the garage as another room in their home by investing in storage solutions to maximize the space. By investing in mounting hooks, organizational grids or adjustable shelving, homeowners are able to get items off the floor by taking advantage of the vertical space that is often overlooked or unused. Finally, homeowners are able to keep their garage cleaner and clear space to park their car.

4. Go Bold With Paint

Freshening up the home should never require a complete remodel. Homeowners are creating a bold statement by painting walls themselves. It doesn’t take an expert to put a little paint on a brush to get the job done. Choosing bright or bold colors can change a room completely and DIY painting is a cost efficient way to liven up an outdated room with the added satisfaction of completing it yourself.

5. Craft a Mudroom

Having a dedicated space to put shoes, book bags and jackets when walking in the door is important to homeowners. They’ve begun creating spaces near their main entry doors to function as a drop zone or mudroom that the entire family can use. Whether it’s a large or small space, homeowners are being creative to maximize the space for additional storage. From building benches with storage cubbies to installing mounting hooks on the wall – homeowners are fully taking advantage of the space that they have.

It doesn’t require an expert to update a home to the latest styles and trends. Homeowners are taking advantage of their skill sets to tackle remodeling projects on their own. From freshening up the home with a little paint to investing in garage storage solutions, DIY solutions are completely transforming homes.