With beautiful weather 365 days of the year, Arizona is the perfect place to design dynamic outdoor spaces — in particular, an outdoor kitchen. However, taking on a home renovation can be a daunting task and it may be difficult to figure out where to start!

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If you are looking to build your dream outdoor kitchen, consider these four helpful tips:

Measure your outdoor space and plan for where you want to put the outdoor kitchen

Especially for those of you in a new home, it is important to consider other backyard elements (such as a pool). You want to make sure that once you install your outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to move it six months down the line to make room for a new outdoor feature. Measure your backyard and map out where you want everything to go.

Consider what you will be cooking outdoors

Do you need counter space for food prep? Will you be keeping things cold outside? Will you be smoking food? Grilling it? All of these questions need to be considered when planning out the design of your outdoor kitchen. The answers will determine how much backyard space it will take up and if you need to hire contractors to help you build it.

Hire an electrician to help you set everything up

It’s important to have professional help—especially when designing a full kitchen in your backyard. If you are planning on having a multitude of appliances outside, you must find a way to power them effectively. Hire an electrician to help you figure out how to get your kitchen powered and ready to go!

Install speakers in your back yard

While grilling and hosting a backyard BBQ, speakers allow for the chef and their guests to enjoy time outside before the food is prepared! If you are hiring an electrician to help with the appliances in your backyard, make sure they help you install speakers.

Keep these tips in mind when building your backyard retreat! If you are looking for appliances to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, check out the selection at Arizona-based Spencer’s TV & Appliance to find appliances that meet your needs.

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